Bermuda has problems.  Where narcotics command high prices (in a tax free - cash environment) the temptation to import is great (more so given the Island's close proximity to the U.S.A.).  See 'Why Bermuda?'

Who in the world has the record for 'locking up criminals'? - Bermuda - see 'prison stats'.

Perverting the course of justice?  decide for yourself at 'alter Statement'

Bermuda's only Olympic medallist - Clarence Hill - bronze medal for boxing.   What has become of Bermuda's hero?   See 'Olympic Robber'

I have no need to enhance the content, or brag.  I do not believe there is another Englishman who was transferred to the Narcotics department after such short service in the Bermuda Police force (2.5years).  I would be surprised if another has my arrest record whilst in Bermuda.  Why I was transferred is detailed on the background page.

This is a factual site, the content is supported by documentary evidence.  This is not a fictional soap opera but a site which recounts what actually occurred during my 2 years in the Bermuda Narcotics department.  My successes, failures, the attempts to 'stitch me up', rivalry, you name it, all will appear.

Clearly I am not the only one with a grievance.  If you visit Bermuda on-line, you will receive details of the background, funding and contact details for the Bermuda Police Service.  The following information appears in relation to the former Commissioner of Police (COP);

Mr. Coxall resigned in October 1997 in sheer disgust, with six months to go of his contract.  He had to put up with far too much petty and unnecessary controversy from certain Cabinet Members of the Bermuda Government and Progressive Labour Party.  The circumstances under which he left were a disgrace to Bermuda, a very poor reflection of its Government and Opposition.  But on July 9, 1998 it was announced in the USA and Bermuda that Mr. Coxall had won a top award for drug-busting while he was in Bermuda, for his role in Operation Cleansweep.  The controversy surrounding this got too close to Bermuda Government Ministers at the time, a major factor in his sudden departure.

I rose very quickly from police constable to detective in the Narcotics department and whilst my story may be of little interest or consequence, I believe the day to day activities; 'operations', interviews, arrests, intelligence etc.   will entertain. 

The links should all be active, including those contained within the text.  If you experience problems, please use the feedback page to inform me.    Similarly, if I have left anything unexplained, or you feel the content is a little obscure, please use the feedback form to air your view and I will attempt to rectify the page. 

Following the arrest of narcotics importers (1990) my role in the department became all the more difficult.  The investigation suggested those associated with the importation included a Bermuda Barrister and a Bermuda police Officer.

In August 1990, after I received a telephone call from a State Trooper (U.S.A.) working, in a an intelligence role alongside the Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S.A.).   The transcript can be read with these pages.   Within 24 hours, I was moved from the department and my employment was effectively terminated.

Be under no misapprehension, this is a protest site.  I object to the manner in which my services were discarded by senior Officers who, on nothing more than rumor and murmuring, put an end to 5 years of my dedicated service.

I am guilty of no offences, but I will demonstrate that the former Commissioner of Police is guilty of 'Oppressive Conduct' as defined by Force Standing Instructions.   The evidence is very simple, logical and based on the correspondence in my possession, I believe irrefutable.

In addition, I will air the concerns which existed in 1990 / 91 and which still cast great doubt over the effectiveness of the Bermuda Police Narcotics Department.  Indeed, you will be provided examples of the dictatorial and oppressive regime that rules the police service.

My word may not be good enough for you therefore I will provide documentary and tape transcript corroboration.  However, it was not that long ago that an officer appeared in Supreme Court and advised of being asked to change a statement by fellow officers; evidence that corruption continues.

I believe very little has changed. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this far.  I am hopeful that, aside of my complaint which is of interest primarily to myself, you will find the content to be of interest, if not concern.

Philip Swift

Former DC 217 Bermuda Police Narcotics 8th November 1988 - 27th August 1990





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