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Alias 'PUGA'

So just who did Bermuda play host to, albeit at Casemates?  The following intelligence report may assist in answering this, however, please read the next pages ...

On 13th April 1984, Narcotics Intelligence was submitted to the Commissioner of Police.   The report named four men all involved in the trafficking of cocaine and cannabis to Bermuda, two were from Miami, one Chile and the fourth was:

Victor Javier MARMOLEJO    of Miami, born Ecuador


Marco Tulio PUGA of Pompano



The following was subsequently submitted by Special Branch:

Special Branch Report


Seen by

 File Ref.

Special Branch Travel Control C.A.T.

7th May, 1984 

Marco Tulio PUGA

Subject is presently serving time at Casemates prison for importation of drugs. As a result of inquiries made, by consul1 (U.S..Consul), with. the Registrar of Births and Deaths, in Jacksonville, Florida, it would appear that the subject is not who he says he is. It is on record at Jacksonville that a Marco Tulio PUGA was born on the 11/9/61, however, it is also on record that a death certificate was issued for a person of that name on the 20/9/61. Therefore, it wou1d appear that the subject was using an assumed identity when he arrived in Bermuda and throughout his court case. .Subject gave his address as 900 Briny Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida. In the recent court case an American official stated that the address did not exist and as I recall he stated that the last number on Briny Avenue was 850. As a result of other information received from American Agencies it would appear that PUGA could be alias used by one Victor MARMELEJO (date of birth and address supplied).

A travel movement is recorded at this office for one Victor Marmelejo (date of birth and address supplied). MARMELEJO has been (according to our records) to Bermuda three times. His first arrival was the 5/3/83 from Kingston or Nassau on BA 262. Subject visited the island again on EA 805 from New York on the 23/3/83. When the subject departed on EA 810 to J.F.K. on 28/6/83 he was searched by U.S. Customs with negative results.

It is expected that the U.S. Consul will make an official request for copies of ‘PUGA’s’ fingerprints in order that they can be checked against F.B.I. records, in order to try to discover ‘PUGA’s’ real identity. If ‘PUGA’s’ real identity and nationality cannot be verified it is not likely that any other country is going to accept him to be deported following his release from Casemates (prison)


n.b. a file. note was submitted on MARMELEJO on, his departure on the 28/6/83.

However, in 1987, the prisoner's name was still in doubt as evidenced by Interpol reports (see: Interpol - October '87)





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