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As the Miranda enquiry progressed, so more and more information was uncovered about those associated.  Other enquires sprang up which complicated life.  A spin-off was the arrest of a Mr Howell, a US visitor who was receiving a large number of calls from locals at all hours of the evening.

We were 'tipped off' by a member of the hotel staff and conducted a search of the gentleman's room.  We found a lot of US cash but little else.  Nevertheless, we arrested the 'suspect' and detained him.

During the evening I received a call from the hotel; calls were still being taken for the visitor.  It was at about 11pm that I was advised of the circumstances, there was no one on duty at the narcotics department, so I decided to visit the hotel once again.

On my arrival I settled into the suspect's room and nodded off to sleep.

I took a couple of calls - straining my voice and advising that I had been involved in an accident - come off of my rental scoter.  Amazingly it worked and I attracted a visitor.  He was to call at the room and 'collect' (something - I was operating on a wing and a prayer - all we had was someone in custody wish some US cash on him - given he was American the 'evidence' was mighty thin).

My luck held out.  My Bermudian visitor knocked an received a surprise when I dragged him in, threw him onto the bed and handcuffed him.  After a short while he admitted to having purchased cocaine from my 'suspect' and was very forthcoming.  Imagine my surprise when not only was I being offered all this information, my latest arrest went as far as to show me where the American kept his 'stash' - I can assure you my embarrassment was also great.

The Bermudian pulled out the draw to the small chest of drawers and securely taped behind one was neatly wrapped ounces of cocaine!

What a relief.

And how did I show my gratitude?  The plan was to use the Bermudian as an informant.  Sadly, my time was short and it never came together.  However, the reports that I submitted following some time with the Bermudian are attached.

More details - of the Bermudian and the hotel, will follow.




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