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Beware the 'Leave of Absence'

The termination of a Trinidadian Police officer from the Bermuda Police Service and the process preceding it were both deemed fair by Puisne Judge Geoffrey Bell yesterday.

The officer    formerly of Trinidad and Tobago, applied for a job with the Bermuda Police Service in 2003. His contract was to be for five years, and Bermuda Police Commissioner considered that to fulfil the services of the contract Mr. Williams would have to resign from the Trinidadian force.

In a letter detailing a conditional offer to Mr. Williams, his resignation from the Trinidadian force or a five-year release from service was deemed necessary for him to fulfil the terms of his contract. The Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security was only able to grant him an initial leave of three years, however, saying an application could be made in the future for a further two years of absence. That application, a letter from the Ministry implied, was a mere formality.

That was not good enough for the Commissioner  who made a recommendation to the Public Services Commission (PSC) to terminate Mr. Williams' contract. The PSC accepted his recommendation, and the contract was terminated.

It was stated that there was a discretion with the Commissioner to act with or without reference to the PSC.


To UK officers: Resign or obtain a 5 year leave of absence - anything else and you could find yourself kicked out, without a job. We question whether this would apply to anyone who they actually wanted on the island - was there another reason why this Trinidad & Tobago officer was not permitted to stay? 

Apparently the Bermuda service is desperate for recruits - misrepresentation has apparently been entered into in an attempt to lure British officers to the island.  It is also alleged that the service has dropped the standards for recruitment in an attempt to entice Bermudian officers - apparently hiring anyone who comes in; a large number of women, parking ticket girls, etc.

Just what / who will you be working alongside, what experience and ability?  Do you wish to rsik your reputation and  future on this island?




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