Abbreviations used within the site:

Ranks: in order of seniority.   note: whether one is a detective or uniform officer makes no difference to the rank, they are equal.

P.C.    Police Constable (uniform)
D.C.    Detective Constable
P.S.    Police Sergeant (uniform)
D.S.    detective Sergeant
Insp.    Police inspector (uniform)
D.I.    detective Inspector
C.Insp    Chief Inspector (uniform)
D.C.I.    detective Chief Inspector
Supt.    Superintendent
A.C.    Assistant Commissioner
D.C.    deputy Commissioner
COP    Commissioner of Police

the '10' code:

10-39    disqualified driver

10-45    non urgent assitance required

10-55    urgent assistance required

253        Hospital

ASNT    Area Searched No Trace

C.A.T.    Civil Air Terminal - Bermuda's airport

D6    'Delta six' - the 'call sign' for one of the narcotics cars, a beaten up Subaru white estate.  Its condition was perfect for throwing about the small roads but it lacked any power and the fact that it was an estate made it a little clumsy to manoeuvre, but the back end would slide nicely and no one noticed the little dents and scratches that followed a tour of duty in it.  More than one motor cycle became trapped between its wings and a wall, or rider went over the bonnet during its service.

fifty    another name for a 'rock', a piece of crack cocaine which sold for $50
            see 'cocaine'

halves    a half gram of cocaine retailing at $125, usually about 70% pure.
            see 'cocaine'.  Also see 'twists'

HMC    Hamilton Magistrates Court (Bermuda's only Magistrates Courts - 3 of them)

HPS    Hamilton Police Station

i/c    in custody

MDA    Misuse of Drugs Act

NFPA    No Further Police Action

O.I.C.    Officer in Charge

P.R.C.    Police Recreation Club - at the Prospect police headquarters - used by officers (generally below the rank of Inspector) and their friends

SOCO    Scence of Crime Officers - generally providing a photographic and fingerprint facility, though their important role extended beyond this.

Twists    see 'halves'.   A twist described the packaging's appearance - generally the corner of a plastic bag cut off, into which cocaine was placed and secured by a plastic coated wire 'twist'




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