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This site has been created as a result of a dispute between a former Bermuda Narcotics officer, DC 217 Swift and the Bermuda police following the officer's constructive dismissal.  DC Swift was advised that he bucked authority (there were run-ins) and it was alleged that he attempted to tape record Dennis Ramsey, a senior officer (denied and never evidenced). As a result his contract was not to be recommended for renewal.  That came from the most senior officer on the island - no recourse to disciplinary action.  Unsubstantiated, petty reasons were used to terminate the officer’s career. The Bermuda Police did not even comply with their own Force Standing Instructions, there was to be no hearing at which to clear the name. Despite DC Swift's allegations effectively leading to his boss, Dennis Ramsey, the then head of narcotics, leaving the constabulary, the police have failed to investigate the issues raised.  This is the justice you can expect in Bermuda whether you are an employee of the police, a resident or a visitor. 

DC Swift is understood to be the most prolific officer, in terms of arrests and working hours, the island has ever employed.  Having a lead role in what has been described by a former senior Officer as "the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service."  The officer fell foul of senior officers, one of whom (Dennis Ramsey again!) was linked (information from the USA) in the very conspiracy DC Swift was investigating.

All sound too incredible to believe?
What do the Bermuda Police say of this site?  They misrepresent facts, they do not want you to read the content.  Click here to see what the former highest ranking officer on the island, the Commissioner of Police, Jean Jacques Lemay, wrote to the island's Acting Governor or, click on the image of the letter (right).  Specifically note the advice provided by the commissioner: 

"Some caution is necessary when accessing Mr Swift's web site, as he has inserted a virus in his document."

The above statement from the former Commissioner of Police is untrue; it is a ridiculous statement to make.  It is indicative of the tiny police force's inability to recruit or train competent staff.  Instead they have to make do with what they have at the expense of professionalism.  In defence of the Commissioner who wrote the above, he is likely to be relying upon the words of other officers (Special Branch?) who may well have wished to ingratiate themselves with him. Possibly he simply passed on a rumour that was designed to prevent people visiting this site?  The content of the letter is a warning to all - the Bermuda police do not necessarily report the truth – reasoning and facts clearly do not concern them. 

You are reading this web site which comprises hundreds of pages.  Has your anti-virus software alerted you to any virus on the site? Do you believe our hosting ISP (Internet Service provider) would permit a virus to be held on the site, that they would wish themselves or their servers associated with a virus?  Is it likely that the authors would be able to write a virus and if so, why would they place it on this web site?  The very purpose of this site is to attract visitors and alert them to the unprofessional conduct of the Bermuda Police.  If the authors wrote a virus, why have they not been prosecuted, they are well known to the Bermuda and UK authorities?  Are the Bermuda police really so incompetent that they could not prosecute the authors of this site?  The answer is because it their statement is untrue.  Ironically, in attacking this site, the Bermuda police have reinforced the statement being made – beware the Bermuda police.

We state categorically that this web site does not and has never hosted a virus.  So just where did the former Commissioner of Police obtain his information?  Why is he so confident in the information he receives that he would write to the island's Acting Governor to alert him about this site?  We suspect he inappropriately relied on his subordinates who fed him this drivel, which he conveyed to the Governor’s office, who in turn sent the information to the UK!

  • We have sought a formal apology for the untrue remark made about this site and asked that an investigation commence with a view to identifying and disciplining the officers who concocted the information and circulated it. 

What you will read on this site is fact.  If an entry is incorrect then an alteration will be made; we are reasonable people and accept that mistakes occur.  However, the former Commissioner's letter t the Governor is nothing short of stupid.  Bermuda 'police Intelligence’; an oxymoron.  No one wishes to believe that they cannot rely on the police but this site exists as a warning; question everything, believe nothing.

Officers from the Metropolitan police (London, England) have stated (2005) that this site contains "comments that are not factual".  We have challenged the Met' police to provide evidence in support of their statement and they are silent on the matter, they have declined to comment. How would London officers be able to comment on the content of this site?  Surely they have not relied on comments from Bermuda officials? 

  • As a result of the allegation that this site contains "comments that are not factual", the Metropolitan officer concerned is now (2005) the subject of a separate investigation.

The site is factual; from the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering which have not been investigated thoroughly, to the murder of Miss Rebecca Middleton and the farce that was the failure to successfully prosecute those who raped, tortured, sodomised and killed her.  When you have viewed the substantial amount of evidence (statements, exhibits, telephone records, photographs, official documents, newspaper reports, transcripts) on this site, ask yourself how comfortable you would feel on the island of Bermuda?

And just how is it that a former police officer, DC Swift, possesses all the information posted on this site?  Such was the incompetence of the Bermuda police that the officer was permitted access to everything AFTER having been informed his contract would not be renewed.  In direct conflict with the then Commissioner of Police' order that DC Swift was not to return to the narcotics office, Inspector George Jackson (now, in 2005, the island's second highest ranking police officer) instructed DC Swift to continue with his narcotics work in the office with full access to files because they had no one else who could undertake the work!

DC Swift was transferred to the narcotics department after less than 3 years Bermuda service; the first officer to be transferred with such short experience of the island, such were his abilities. The officer that the Bermuda Police 'promoted' due to his abilities was discarded and is now a principle contributor to this site.


To our knowledge there is no others site that compares with this on the internet - police statements, evidence and even a police officer's diary. There is much more to come and our sister site is in the process of being updated - Bermuda Police Diary

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