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9th August 1990                    see time line


At 10.20am Thursday 9th August 1990 an officer of the State Police N.J. called the narcotics department (Bermuda) with regard to the murder of Debra Lee Owens (married name Morton).

A statement had been recorded from Debra's sister, (full details supplied) and the following is a summary of the contents:

The sister last saw Deborah 2 weeks ago, they had been living together and the sister had told Deborah to move. Deborah removed her stuff but did not leave her key.

Deborah went to live @ Astbury Park (full address supplied) alone in a small studio apartment. This information was provided by Deborah’s son (full details supplied).

Deborah had a boyfriend, OF (full details supplied). She had known him for 6 months, since returning from her living in Miami.

Deborah returned to NJ because she had no money and to return to family. Deborah has another sister, aged 43 (details supplied).

Harry Owens’ last known address was somewhere in Miami. He was last seen by Deborah’s sister 3 months ago at Bradley Beach, N.J.

Deborah told her sister that 6 months ago at Bradley Beach that Marcus Cohab was going to kill her and her son, if she did not keep her mouth shut about things. Marcus never paid Deborah for transporting drugs for him.

Deborah’s sister met Marcus in 1987 with his brother HM, in an apartment in Longbranch N.J. Both are drug traffickers.

The brothers were friendly with Deborah, her sister, Harry and Angela Trapasso, Angela is Harry’s girlfriend, she is in prison in Bermuda at the moment.

Harry was introduced to Marcus and Hugo by MP who live sin Florida but originally came from Longbranch N.J.

Deborah, Angela & MP all worked for the brothers as drug couriers.

Angela calls Deborah’s sister once a week, collect, from the prison in Bermuda.

Angela informed Deborah’s sister that she had been arrested for conspiracy, for drugs. She went on to say that police took her off the boat and that she was arrested because of her sister, Debbie.

Deborah’s sister stated that Angela had been arrested on May 17th, 1990. Angela stated that she knew it was because of Debbie that she was arrested because one of the Customs Agents in Bermuda told her.

Deborah’s sister thinks that Angela also informed Harry Owens about his sister Debbie being the informant that resulted in her arrest.

Apparently Harry was in the Astbury Park (N.J.) area last week looking for Debbie in Oliver’s bar.

Deborah’s sister feels that her brother Harry had something to do with the death of their sister, Debbie.



It is possible that Angela Trappaso will later feature as a prosecution witness in the U.S. prosecution of OWENS and / or Marcus Cohab, when they are located.

Deborah’s sister has not been questioned with regard to her involvement in the importation of cocaine into Bermuda. It is intended to pursue this line of enquiry, but for now, the homicide investigation is the prime concern. Should Deborah’s sister agree to give evidence, as ALONGI, then she will be made available for an interview.

The U.S. Authorities did not manage to make the call to the Co Ed facility (prison) on 9th August, 1990 as intended but will pursue this aspect on 10th August.


JJ lives on the same street as HM and LA. JJ (full details supplied) also uses JCJ.

Frank, the ‘mob guy’ associated with the brothers has been identified as FB, he is a ‘soldier’ in the Gambino organised crime family, he is currently in federal prison.


There is obvious alarm that Deborah Owens death could have been avoided. Those privy to the initial developments of this case are aware of the source of the information that directed police to the MIRANDA network. The allegation that a Customs officer supplied information may well be a misconception on the part of Trappaso, but that the information must have come from somewhere gives cause for concern.

There now exists a variety of possibilities with regard to using the information to our best interest.

Deborah’s sister may wish to provide information to assist the Bermuda prosecution. It may be that she will be able to return to the network to provide information with regard to the location of the brothers and Harry, or make delivery in order to vindicate her sister’s death.

Trapasso can be made aware of Cheryl’s statement and fed disinformation by Bermuda Authorities with regard to the original source of the information in order to cause this to be passed on or to strengthen the guilt feelings that she will develop on realising that she was instrumental in Debbie’s death. In turn Angela may wish to make a statement.

It is my understanding that RM is about to be released from the Co-ed facility, coinciding with the news of Debbie’s death, Rosalva may wish to comment upon this aspect, or at least informed of the conclusions that the violent brothers may come to.

Lastly the Bermuda informant who initiated this investigation is no longer clear of his obligations. Should it ever be discovered that his information, and not Debbie’s, resulted in the demise of the Miranda network it seems logical that he would fear repercussions, not only for being instrumental in the network’s arrest, but for the misguided killing of Debbie.

Up until now it has been my contention that this enquiry has not been taken seriously. It is hoped that recent actions will impress upon all notified of the need to pursue this organisation imaginatively and ruthlessly.

The machinery exists, due to the D.E.A. interest and enthusiasm, to ensure that this enquiry put Bermuda firmly upon the map, providing an example by which future investigations can be guided.

The high profits of cocaine in Bermuda are attractive to criminals, what they do not appreciate is that the size of the Island works to the advantage of the Authorities in so much as we are able to document, with relative ease, movements, associates, monetary transactions and telephone contacts. All the aforementioned blend nicely to the United States’ historical conspiracy offence.




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