During the enquiry, we liased with the US Authorities and ideas were exchanged.  Some of these ideas involved the manner in which the investigation would progress, one of the many examples put forward was that of the Wheeler organisation.  A document from the file advises as follows:



Background of Investigation

Targeted Organization

The (********) Field Division and the (**********) Police Department have initiated an investigation dealing with the drug trafficking activities of Lloyd F. WHEELER et al. Sources indicate that WHEELER is the head of’ a well-organized cocaine/heroin distribution network which operates in Long Banch, Neptune, Red Bank and Asbury Park, New Jersey; Balitmore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas.

Intelligence information reveals that other drug violators are conspiring with WHEELER, owner of GREYHOUND VENDING COMPANY, to provide then with fraudulent earning statements to cover unexplained income of these drug violators. Intelligence information further indicates that WHEELER uses family members and close long-term friends to act as couriers and street dealers.

On December 12, 1989, a member of WHEELER’S organization supplied a confidential informant with a sample of heroin to give to an undercover Special Agent. This member of WHEELER’S organization stated to the confidential informant that large quantities of heroin were no problem for them (WHEELER’S Organization) to deliver. The quality of the heroin would determine the price. WHEELER stated to the confidential informant that the heroin would be coming from Houston, Texas. The initial analysis of telephone tolls and intelligence information indicate that WHEELER is in contact with other documented drug traffickers. WHEELER is also associated with Carmen RICCI, a documented organized crime member from the Angelo BRUNO crime family. The (******) Field Division has identified numerous real estate investments, large cash amounts and luxury automobiles which appear to have been derived from drug proceeds. The (******) Field Division anticipates the confiscation and seizure of these drug proceeds.

Investigative Techniques and Goals:

Due to the employment of various communication systems, the (******) Field Division will utilize pen registers, clone beepers, confidential informants, undercover agents and Title III intercepts. Because of the overall complexity of this investigation, it is believed that a substantial amount of resources and inter—office, as well as inter-agency coordination will be required. Cooperation will also be requested of other Federal, State and Local departments. It is anticipated that as a result of this joint effort, 21 USC 848 charges will be developed against WHEELER and his source of supply, resulting in the dismantling of this cocaine/heroin organization. In view of the above, it is requested that this proposal be submitted through the appropriate channels requesting an OCDETF classification to further this investigation.

Extent of Agency Requirements:

Currently, two DEA Agents, along with two Detectives from Long Branch Police Department, two Detectives from (******) State Police, one Agent from IRS, one Agent from ATF, and two Investigators from (******) County Narcotics have been assigned to this case. It is anticipated that in the event wire intercepts are utilized, a Task Force consisting of a number of Federal, State and Local officers will be mobilized to further this investigation.





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