23.03 N Wellman



FRIDAY 23RD MARCH, 1990                                 NARCOTICS
               1:25 PM                                       HEADQUARTERS
                        NORMAN STUART WELLMAN,
                        PEMBROKE PARK,
                        WEST PARK LANE, PEMBROKE.
                        BORN: 25.9.51.
                        OCC: SELF EMPLOYED TRUCKER.
DS31Norman, I wish to put some further questions to you regarding the events of yesterday 22.3.90.  I must again advise you that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so and that whatever you do say may be taken down in writing and given in evidence.  Do you understand.
ANS:   Yes.  N Wellman                  DS31
DS31  What is your relationship with Everette Wellman.
ANS:               I know him.
DS31              Are you related to him.
ANS:               No.
DS31Are you related to Wally Wellman, or Barry Wellman.
ANS:   No, none of them, they are all brothers.
DS31The papers I took from your truck yesterday Norman.  The customs papers.  Where did you get them from.
ANS:               From Rafur Trucking.
DS31: Who from Rafur Trucking gave them to you.
ANS:               One of the guys down on the counter, a short fat guy.

DS31: Where did you get them from.
ANS:               From the Rafur Offices down at the airport.
DS31: Do you know the guys name.
ANS:               No.
DS31: Would you know him again.
ANS:Yes, a little heavy set guy.  The other guy is tall and Mr Rafur wasn`t there.
DS31: Did you have to pay any money to Rafur.
ANS:               Yes, $700 and something.
DS31:            Whose money was that.
ANS:Everette`s money, he gave it to me, I went to his shop and he gave it to me.
DS31: Was it in cash or a cheque.
ANS:               Cash, all $100 bills.
DS31: When you say his shop, where do you mean.
ANS:His leather shop by the lane by This and That.  Down Front Street there.
DS31:Was anyone else present.
ANS:No, it was just him in there.  He gave me the money and just told me to go down to Rafur and pick up the paperwork cause it was ready.
DS31:Yesterday you mention a Mr Tommy Stowe.  How do you know him.

ANS:He`s a neighbour, I have to go up past his house to get to my girlfriends house.
DS31:Have you had any dealings with him in respect of this matter.
ANS:I never spoke to him about anything, just that last week, Monday or Tuesday Everette asked me to give Stowe a call one evening to see if he got the papers and if so he would call me back to see if I had found out.
DS31: Did you ever call Stowe.
ANS:               No.
DS31: Why not.
ANS:I weren`t calling Stowe if it weren`t my responsibility to call him.  Everette called me back and I told him the line was busy and that I couldn`t get him.  That`s when Everette told me he would call Stowe himself.
DS31:Norman, I am now going to show you some photocopies of some      papers.  Can you please tell me if you can recognise them.
ANS:They look like the papers you took from the truck yesterday.  I signed one of them when I picked up the goods from the docks yesterday.
DS31:Norman, they are in fact copies of papers I took from your truck      yesterday. Do you recall I then gave you back those papers.
ANS:Yes, and everything you gave me, I gave to Everette.
DS31: Where did you give them to Everette.
ANS:Up Seymour Farm where you followed me yesterday.
DS31:What happened at Seymour Farm.
ANS:I went up the road looking for the house.  I was looking to my left and I saw the red BMW flash it`s lights.  You past me, and then I reversed back in the yard I jumped out, dropped the tailgate and Everette said "Hey lover, what`s happening".  I said "Everythings safe, everythings there." I got onto the back of the truck and Everette and his brother Wally took the TV`s off.  The box that was tampered with, I pulled it to the tailgate, jumped down and picked it up and took it into the house myself.  As I was walking I told Everette the box got broken by the fork lift.
DS31: What did you do with this box.
ANS:               I rested it right inside on the floor.
DS31:How did you place it on the floor.
ANS:I eased it down with the tampered end downwards.  On the floor, so they could open the fresh end.
DS31:Did you see how they got into the apartment.
ANS:When I backed up they were sat in the car and by the time I got there they were out of the car and the door was open.
DS31:Where were you when you gave Everette the papers.
ANS:In the yard before I got on the truck.
DS31:When Everette calls you, where does he call.
ANS:At home or in the truck, I got two numbers.
DS31:What are those numbers.
ANS:Home is 295-1920 and 2347-559 in the truck.
DS31:And when you call him, where do you call.
ANS:Sometimes he call`s my girlfriends truck number 234-7558 to find out where I am. I call him either to the shop down town where I picked up the money or to his home.
DS31:Have you ever been to the house at Seymour Farm before.
ANS:Yesterday was the first time. I`ve been up Everette`s house about six times since I`ve known him.  The first time he gave me the ounce of herb and the other times just to talk.
DS31:When you picked up these goods from the docks yesterday where you      of the understanding that they were Everette`s.
ANS:               Well yes.  Thats who gave me the money.
DS31: He was the one who told me everything.
ANS:And you were aware, or at least suspected you would be delivering drugs in the boxes.
ANS:On the Monday just gone, I spoke to his half brother Antoine Brangman, and I asked him.  I`m picking up these things for Everrette, did he think there was any drugs in it.  He said when he was friends with Everette 9 or 10 years ago, he was bringing drugs in in TV`s and he told me to break one open and check it.  Antoine was supposed to meet me in town but the stuff wasn`t ready and then I decided to take it myself.
DS31: Have you ever collected other thing off the dock for Everette.
ANS:Yes, before Xmas, that was the first and this is the second.
DS31:What did you pick up before Xmas.
ANS:Same things.  TV`s and games.  Seven pieces the same as this time.
DS31: Where did you deliver these items.
ANS:Up Somerset, opposite Country Squire, up the road by the back of Loyalty Inn.  I don`t know whose house it was but Shirlene or Sharon Brangman`s car was in the yard.  I watched her grow up so I know her.
DS31: Who was there.
ANS:Everette, his brother who was there yesterday, and this tall guy who I think is Shirlene or Sharon`s boyfriend or husband.  I seen him driving the car.
DS31: Who unloaded it.
ANS:They did, and took it inside the house, I didn`t go inside, I just looked in by a little porch.
DS31:And this is the shipment you said you received an ounce of herb      from.
DS31:Did you have any paperwork regarding that shipment.
ANS:               Same as last time and I gave it to Everette.
DS31: Is there anything else you want to say.
ANS:Everette was supposed to give me a pound of herb from this shipment.
DS31:When we were up your house yesterday you made some telephone calls.       Where did you call.
ANS:I called the shop and the line was engaged and when I put the telephone down, it rang and I picked it up and I spoke to who I feel was Wallace or Wally.  I told him I got everything and that it was straight and he said he would get hold of Everette.  Then Everette called me back whey you were there.  I told him everything
was safe and he told me where to go up Seymour Farm,  and I told him I would be leaving in five minutes.
DS31: Is there anything you want to say.
ANS:               That`s it.
                        READ RECORD OVER TO WELLMAN
DS31: Is that a true record of our conversation.
ANS:               Yes.
DS31: Do you care to correct, alter, or add anything to this record.
ANS:               No.
DS31:Have you answered the questions of your own free will.
ANS:               Yes.
DS31:Before I close Norman, just one more question. Where did you get      the paperwork from, for the shipment before Xmas.
ANS:All from Rafur Trucking, I got them from the main man who runs the company, I call him Mr Rafur.  He gave me them and I paid him the money.  I gave these papers to Everette.
DS31: Where did you get the money from.
ANS:               Everette again, down the shop the same as this time.
DS31: Do you care to sign this record.
ANS:               Sure.  (signed N Wellman)
The above questions and answers were recorded and signatures by me, at Police H.Q. Prospect between 1.25 pm and 3.05 pm Friday 23rd March, 1990.  Also present S.C. Virgil
                                              DS31 Cleave.
                                              A Virgil





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