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Jan 2003
London 2004
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BEWARE.  As of December 2005, this man is now the Commissioner of Police but on the day of this announcement one of his fellow officers states: Mr. Jackson was the “best of a bad bunch”.
If George is the 'best' one can only imagine how bad the rest are!  What a good start to his promotion - dissent from within and an allegation?  Would the officer providing the above quote please contact this site and define 'bad'.

Some facts about George, the new 'leader':

  • Disregard for Force discipline and the orders of his superiors
  • Thank you George
  • watch this space .. there is much more to follow as we expose the farce that is George 'no-action' Jackson. George's promotion was a blessing for this site.  To follow:
  • search warrant illegality?
  • untruths or avoidance when questioned?
  • the case of the Wellman trial farce?
  • failing to support your fellow officers - lack of loyalty?
  • how to confuse George - not the sharpest tool in the box
  • London and lies?  the ongoing investigation of Metropolitan police officers as a result of George's actions
  • Mr Angry
  • Narcotics, alcohol and illegality in the Jackson household?
  • Questions for George
  • George the soundtrack - sound files of the man
  • How the author of this site inadvertently assisted Jackson's career
  • 32 years of service - should have retired 2 years ago?
  • Housing dispute
  • Was he trusted by overseas officers?

and this person is now the head cop on the island.  What an example to set!

for now some further background can be found at the Bermuda Free Speech forum, an extract from which can be found by clicking here.

A liability full of his own self-importance? Turned a blind eye to the unlawful practices of 'his' narcotics department or simply unaware; complicit or ignorant? Who knows, as evidenced by his reaction when we caught up with him, George will take desperate measures to avoid answering some questions.  Click here for more.
His antics were touched upon in correspondence with another officer with whom he and I worked; Coggie Gibbons.  Click here to read the author's response to one of Coggie's letters which makes reference to the farcical actions of George





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