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Some background: 

During 1990 the author was involved in what was subsequently described by a police Superintendent in charge of the narcotics department as:

  • an investigation of what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service."

The enquiry was referred to as 'Miranda' after the 'point man', the person through whom the drugs would pass in Bermuda, an American Antonio Miranda.  Following the arrest of persons connected with the Island's largest cocaine importation investigation (Miranda) was forced to leave the island, constructively dismissed.  The officer had no choice but to resign from the service; his contract was not going to be renewed - constructive dismissal  and evidence is posted in support of this allegation. what heinous crimes am I supposed to have committed to warrant this action, the termination of my career?  It is ALLEGED that I:

  1. buck authority

  2. attempted to tape record a Chief Inspector

I was not permitted recourse to a disciplinary hearing, despite the police constabulary's own requirement that this should occur.  There was no investigation, the police constabulary simply terminated my service.

  • Does the Bermuda police service really think that I have changed such that I am incapable of considering evidence and putting forward a case, this time - my own complaint?  

  • Is their memory so short they they have forgotten this is exactly what they paid me to do?  

  • Is it likely that I have become so bitter and twisted that my perception of fact is distorted and unrealistic?

  • Is it not reasonable to believe that I posted hundreds of documents back to the UK, whilst serving out my remaining days in Bermuda, because I was aggrieved by my treatment?

Why does the Bermuda police 'service' remain silent and refuse to acknowledge or investigate my complaint? 

Is it that their heads are securely placed in the island's beautiful pink sand?  Their silence is nothing more than an acknowledgement of guilt? 

There are serving Bermuda police officers who conspired to ensure I left and others who provided false statements when questioned by the person(s) investigating the formal complaint I made about my treatment.  This is why Bermuda refuses to act on the information I have provided; to do so would identify dishonesty in a number of serving officers.  The integrity of several influential characters would be undermined.  These officers could no longer represent the constabulary, they would be labelled as untrustworthy.  The Constabulary cannot afford the embarrassment or the loss of personnel - the service is already undermanned.  

It is for this reason my complaint was buried and has not been resurrected despite a serving, senior officer, admitting that i was 'subverted and betrayed', an officer who previously maintained his silence and either gave no evidence or provided an inaccurate account, when questioned about my complaint.

I have a couple more questions...

'subverted and betrayed' is an exact quote, an extract from a letter sent to me, by a serving police Inspector in the Bermuda police service; Edward Coglin Gibbons.  

  • What evidence does he have to support his contention that I was 'subverted and betrayed'?  

  • Would he level such criticism without any evidence - he is a senior police officer?

And what of the police with their hackneyed phrase 'if former DC Swift has any new evidence the matter will be reinvestigated'? .....

The last investigation of my allegations was commenced in 1993 following an interview with C/insp Bissell.  Coggy Gibbons wrote to me in 1996.  Does anyone feel that the word of a serving police Inspector is worthless?  Is police inspector Coggy Gibbons so unreliable or dishonest that no one in the service believes what he has written?  If so, why are you Bermudians employing such a man?

Then again, ask yourself why Inspector Gibbons, said to have a genius I.Q., remains in the rank of Inspector, despite more than 15 years service and being Bermudian while those about him, worked alongside him (many of whom are far less competent) are seeking some of the highest ranks.  Why is Inspector Gibbons no longer an active, street, officer? 

In 1996 a police inspector (Coggy Gibbons) came forward and admitted, in writing, that which I have always claimed; that I was subverted and betrayed.  Coggy Gibbons is no fool; he is said to have a genius i.q.  

  • subvert
    verb transitive to overthrow, overturn, ruin (eg principles, a political system, etc); to pervert or corrupt (a person).

  • betray
    of trust; to deceive (someone innocent and trustful)

So, Bermuda police service, you have the 'new evidence'; he is one of you.  I cannot compel the Officer, inspector Gibbons, to answer my questions nor can I force him to 'bang on the Commissioner's door' (he has written that he will not do so).  The police service can acquire answers, what is more, I have made it easy for you - I have presented the evidence, the witness.  That the matter is not investigated is simply because you chose not to.  This 'new evidence' is ignored.

So please excuse me being sceptical when I read (Mid Ocean News 17th June 2000) that:

  • "At the time of Mr. Swift's initial complaint an inquiry was launched and remains open to this day, subject to new information or evidence coming to light which we again invite Mr. Swift to produce.

you, the Bermuda police, have the new 'information' (note; you do not even require 'evidence').  That you chose not to act on it further supports my contention and that of your serving officer - there exists corruption to this very day.

I wrote to the Bermuda police service on Thursday 13th July 2000.  Once again, the courtesy of an acknowledgement has not been forthcoming.  I do not expect an investigation to follow because it could only have one outcome: detrimental to a service that has not learnt from past mistakes.

The content of this site highlights some obvious concerns.  It is hardly surprising the Commissioner, J. J. Lemay does not wish to re-open the investigation (despite his assurance to the press in December 1997 that he would do so) given that some of his serving officers must have:

  • withheld information,

  • falsified statements,

  • failed to investigate matters

all with the intention of perverting the course of justice.

Bermuda ... it is your service and it is failing you.  I receive e-mails from Bermudans, serving and former police officers all of whom have similar concerns:

  • why, on such a small island can narcotics be so freely available, 
    why cannot the police service make a difference?

The answer, it appears, is that it is not in everyone's interest to do so!  There is simply too much money (cash) to be had in this tax-free (unaccountable) environment.

In 1990, we dealt with Antonio Miranda and others who were sentenced to in excess of 100 years for cocaine importation / distribution.  The men (except Antonio who had entered a plea of guilty) subsequently had their convictions overturned.  To quote a jury member:

"At the end of the day, it was amazing that the jury's verdict was overturned and nearly all the defendants walked". 

Typical of the sort of message to follow the reading of this site is:

  • I am interested to hear your comments on Dennis Ramsay, I had my concerns about both him and a chap called "Soccy" Adams.  All sorts of obvious faults were overlooked if the offender was local!

  • (when a serving officer in Bermuda I had )to go around with Dc Dennis Ramsey to his Court Street haunts. He made discreet fun of my discomfort with his "friends". A most unpleasant time. A smooth nasty man.

  • it is a great tragedy that not more people have come forward to state what they know.

There is only so much I can do in collating the above.  The Bermuda police service, nor the Government, wish to open this can of worms.  It is simply history which they feel can be ignored.  Sadly, after 10 years, nothing has changed. 

Bermuda; your Police Service and Government are not part of the solution which (possibly in my rather blinkered view) makes them part of the problem.

This site now comprises 200 pages equivalent to more than 400 A4 pages.  This is less than 1/10th of the documentation I secured and does not take into consideration my pocket books (5 years of notes), CID Diaries or tape recordings.

Dependent on developments with regard to the handing over of all correspondence relating to the content of this site to a third party for publishing / distribution, there appears little reason for the updates to be continued.  I apologize to those who have shown a keen interest however, given the lack of an investigation by Bermuda, I have had to consider other options. 




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