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Further to my statement dated May 8th 1990 at 3.40pm on Thursday March 29th 1990 I went to the Scenes of Crime Office at Prospect, at that time I was in company with Customs Officer Simons and Rodill.

At the Scenes of Crime Office I saw Detective Sergeant Cassidy, Detective Constable Providence and Keith Fryer, a Government Analyst.

I saw the six packages that I had seen C/O Rodill remove from the television sets on March 28th 1990.  I recognised them as a result of the writing I described earlier that was on the outside of the packages.

Four of the packages had been cut open, I could see that they contained plant material.  Inside two of the packages I could see what appeared to be sheets of fabric softner paper, it was inside the duct tape.  I saw Mr Fryer remove the plant material from the packages, weigh it and take representative samples of it.  I then saw him place it in a trash bag and seal it with red evidence tape.

I saw D.S. Cassidy cut open the two remaining packages.  Mr Fryer removed the plant material from them, he weighed it, took representative samples and placed it in a trash bag that he sealed with red evidence tape.

At 4.30pm the same day I left the Scenes of Crime Office.
S Pitcher

Statement recorded between 1015 and 1034 5.6.90 by D.S. Rollin at Police H.Q.`s.




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