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 Edward Coglin Gibbons a.k.a Coggie Gibbons

wpe2.gif (8615 bytes) A former uniform sergeant with whom the author worked, subsequently a sergeant in the Narcotics department when I was there and later (after I left) promoted to Inspector and assigned to the Police Intelligence Department and Press Liaison Office.   In 1996 he wrote to me confirming what I knew, namely  that I was 'subverted and betrayed'.  He has declined to take this any further and as far as I am concerned, continues to withhold evidence which would have prevented my departure and enabled my complaint against the former Commissioner of Police, Clive Donald, to succeed.

A former friend who I now consider to be little more than a self-protecting coward; not to be relied upon. .

The officer (above) demonstrates his likeness to Lord Lucan.

This former officer is now employed by the Bermuda Sun newspaper and can be contacted where he submits unimaginative reports - a sad waste of a good brain and enthusiasm ... another victim of the Bermuda police?

Please read the letters sent by the former officer.  Here is a man who reached the rank of inspector and is now a reporter in Bermuda.  An intelligent individual, someone whose word can be relied on?  One would think so.  So why are the former officer's comments not worthy of attention?  Because Bermuda buys bad news, the country's police service and Governor walk over people with absolute impunity.

I have been asked on occasions whether there is more evidence in support of my complaint, any additions to the report I submitted in 1991.  Well, the answer is an unequivocal 'yes'.  An example of 'new' evidence is the word of Coggie Gibbons, as viewed in his letters (see links below).  Here is a (former) officer acknowledging that I was subverted and betrayed by the Bermuda Police service.  Bermuda has selective hearing.

Our correspondence can be found at:

You may feel that I have an alternative agenda, that my recollections are biased.  Please ask yourself what caused Coggie Gibbons to write that I was 'subverted and betrayed'.  Why would Coggie, the Bermudian former narcotics officer write in such terms?  I can assure you - because it is the truth.




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