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Sergeant Adams (I understand he is now a senior Officer- you have my sympathy Bermuda) is not a man to be trusted.  An example of his insecurities and back-stabbing antics are detailed below.  I would add that while I have respect for 'the rank', I have no respect for the person holding it in this instance.  Sergeant Adams is a fine example of the incompetence inbred in the Bermuda service.  He is part of the problem, not the solution.  It will be noted that his 'accomplice' in this particular action was Detective Sergeant Wilbur McLean - better known as a sergeant in the Narcotics office, a person whom I worked alongside.  At least I knew where he stood from that point forward.

To set the scene, Sergeant Adams and I had a brief meeting.  It was apparent someone had misrepresented an incident where I had interviewed the AIDS sufferer, Dan Lattini (now deceased).  It is true, Dan was suffering during the interview and on several occasions was bent over a bin vomiting.  A few years earlier I had written a brief report to the Head of Hamilton Police station about the atrocious conditions in which, as a gaoler, I was expected to work.  I specifically wrote about the need for cleaning materials due to Bermuda's high incidence of AIDS sufferers.

I cannot say I feel the average AIDS victim poses me a significant threat.  I was content to interview Dan in the knowledge he was a sufferer and contrary to Mr Adams 'informant' (Sergeant McLean), the bin was cleared away.  The problem arose in that, as will be seen from the report below, Mr Adams will distort events to suit his purposes and has not the slightest consideration for detail - this in a C.I.D. officer!

Mr Adams did wish to know the answers to 1 and 2 (below).  He received the answers but did not like the reply to question '2'.  I was responsible for removing the mess etc.  this is fact - Dan Lattinni was my responsibility, he was in my custody at the material time.  I come form a police age where we took responsibility for our prisoners and our actions - Lattini was my prisoner, he was my responsibility and the buck stops with me.  If there's a complaint arising from the prisoner's treatment then I take it on the chin.

The argument was trivial, Mr Adams chose to distort it out of all proportion and as will be seen from the last handwritten (then crossed out) paragraph, it appears he was intent on misrepresenting the situation - fabricating evidence.  

Would you trust this man or his evidence?  Adams memo is as follows:

Do note that Sergeant Adams was going to add another paragraph.  I assume he thought better of this, that even his Pinocchio like approach to creative writing has limits, that his nose would only stretch so far.  The paragraph includes mention of his close friend, Chief Inspector Ramsey who waslater removed from the Narcotics office and spent the last year of his service on 'gardening leave'.  

The further handwritten paragraph (above) reads:

Chief Inspector Ramsey was present throughout this interview ....

Ask yourself a question, if the Chief Inspector was present, he would (as a senior Officer) make a very good witness.  Why would Mr. Adams not include reference to Mr. Ramsey being present?  Why cross this out?

The answer is straightforward - it is a lie.  This is why Mr. Adams crossed the paragraph out - his facts were becoming a little too distorted.  D.C. Field, who was with me during the meeting, would say the Chief Inspector was not present and there may be those who would say the Chief Inspector was with them at the material time i.e. elsewhere.  I can only assume he was sufficiently confident he could rely on Mr. Ramsey to back him up.

Possibly Mr Adams has a defective memory, he thought DI Ramsey was present at the time.  It matters not, he is a dishonest individual, not someone whose evidence can be relied upon.

Adams' covering letter read:

Chief Inspector Ramsey

The responses of Detective Constable Swift were disrespectful, insubordinate and obstructive.  I am at this point no wiser as to whether or not the hazard to health by the bodily fluids of Lattinni left in the garbage bin were removed promptly on 27/6 (27th June 1990) or whether the janitor has unwittingly exposed himself to the AIDS Virus on 28/6 in the course of his duties.

Detective Constable Swift is clearly in need of a reminder of the need for deference to minor officers I therefore recommend that he be paraded before A.C (Assistant Commissioner) Birmingham, the error of his ways brought to his attention and that he then be transferred to Central Uniform.

Having been warned about Sergeant Adams, it was a simple matter to pre-empt his attack and submit my own report the same day.  I did meet with Superintendent Birmigham and we had a brief chat about the confrontation with Sergeant Adams.  The matter was taken no further but described as a meeting of 'strong wills'.  It was evident the general impression formed by those associated with Sergeant Adams is that he is a bully; nothing less.  He does not have size or intellect on his side, but clings to his rank; the stick with which he beats subordinate officers.

I had previous dealings with Sergeant Adams (as detailed in 'discipline').  He is not particularly bright but it is his incompetence which is the danger; his mistakes will cost Bermuda dearly, as for those about him - beware.  The mistakes he makes will soon be yours - Carlton clueless Adams will not accept he is at fault, he will pass the buck and blame, again evidenced by the pages dealing with 'discipline'.

Socky and I had no more run-ins, he kept his distance and I refused to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.  

God forbid this man ever reach an influential position within the Bermuda police service.




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