A request to provide the Leo Simmons tape

The Bermuda police know precisely how to request evidence if their require it, their are not adverse to asking me for it and are fully aware that I respond favourably to such requests:

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Dear Mr. Swift

Re: Leo Simmons - Tape & Papers

Your facsimile letter of 15 June 1993, refers

Mr. Kim White will only release the tape and envelope, referred to in receipt No 0924, on production of a written signed authorization from you.  In order to proceed with this aspect of the enquiry I would be grateful if you would see fit to forward such authorization to me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your attention to this request.

Yours sincerely

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I supplied the necessary authorization, the tape was released to the police.

But why is Allan Bissell only requesting the 'evidence' I possess in relation to this aspect of the enquiry?  What of the other evidence?

According to the C.O.P (September 1998):

"It should be noted that the aggrieved officer declined during the investigation to provide any substantial evidence to validate his claims of impropriety and misconduct"

This is blatantly untrue.  No one wanted the 'evidence'.  My complaint was buried and this is firmly supported by both the C.O.P and the Governor's office declining to acknowledge receipt of my latter last year providing 'new evidence', let alone acting on it.




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