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Prepared statement submitted to and signed by, Chief Inspector Bissell on 28th April 1993.

Prepared statement of Philip Swift, former Constable 217 Bermuda Police (03.03.86 to 15.12.90) to be passed to Chief Inspector Bissell, against signature, at the Copthorne Hotel, Crawley, Surrey (0342 714971) on Wednesday, 28th April, 1993.

Please note 'officer' & 'Officer' should be construed as the latter referring to the rank of Inspector and above.

I approached Chief Inspector Bissell in relation to three enquiries, namely Miranda, Wellman and Hatherley. I was aware of his carrying out an enquiry into these cases which have few common denominators, one is my involvement.

I am aware that he has questioned people about the tactics used to obtain convictions, sane may have advised him that blank, signed, search warrants were held by officers, or departments, of the Bermuda Police Force.

If this is the case my comment is superfluous.

Personally, I had no use of such items, that is not to say that I do not now possess such articles (blank search warrants). I understand that these search warrants may have been used in some cases.

I cannot comment upon the cases in which they were used, nor of the officers who used (or had knowledge of) them. This, plainly, matters not. Their existence should be sufficient to cause serious concern about the methods employed by officers.

But where is the speculation, or are other practices about to be buried, covered by this 'serious' allegation ?

I will not be drawn on my current possession of search warrants, I will await the outcome of the investigation, or at least an indication (in writing) of how it is progressing. I accept that I may cause a stagnation of the enquiry, however, I am not playing a game of 'call my bluff'. If there is the slightest cause to believe that such warrants existed, or exist, then the implications are serious, I fully understand this.

Received By :    signature

Print Name : A. J. Bissell

Date :       28-4-93





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