Intel 4 Sept '90



4th September 1990

The following A45 (report) was submitted to the Commissioner of Police on 4th September 1990 (12.30hrs):

SUBJECT    Miranda Enquiry

DEA telephoned with this information.

Marcus Cohab has once again changed his cellular phone number.

The cellular number is now (supplied) changed on 23.5.90

DEA asks that all correspondence to/from TRAPASSO in CO-ED be closely monitored.  DEA also asks if telephone calls could be taped at Co-ed.

State Police telephoned at 1400hrs asking if there was any further info on the MIRANDA enquiry.  DEA said that the investigation had been expanded and more men committed as the present investigation is linked to the murder of a Columbian in 1982.  This Colombian was in possession of 250lbs of cocaine and the murder took place in New Jersey.  Monmouth County Prosecutors office telephoned as he had telephoned Co-ed who had informed him that TRAPASSO has received a call on Friday 31.08.90 from a party by the name of Vanden Berg (obviously Harry Owens) and wondered if we were aware of this fact.





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