372 Notes



Notes of DC 372 Greene

Notes - R-v- Dwight Hatherley & Jason Harvey.
Saturday 31st March 1990

1110To Hamilton Police Station i/c DC Richardson re information Hatherley from DC Richardson.
1115H.P.S.  Prisoner Hatherley to interview room.  Present DC Richardson and myself.
Richardson: Dwight this is DC Greene.  We work together and we are here to talk to you about what you told me this morning.  You don`t have to say anything to us if you don`t want to.  That`s your right.
Dwight: I know that but I don`t mind talking to you.  You guys have your job to do.
Richardson: Dwight this morning you and I had a conversation.
Dwight: I had to tell you that because I don`t want anyone else to be involved.
Richardson: Dwight this morning you told me that you went to Philadelphia with Kemah and that you bought two televisions.  Is this true.
Dwight: Yes.
Richardson:Who received the T.V.`s in Bermuda.
Richardson:Who took the documents for the T.V.`s to the airport.
Dwight:My mother.  She don`t know anything.  She was just doing me a favour because I am off the road.
Richardson:Who paid the delivery?
Richardson:How much did you pay?
Dwight:I paid about three hundred and something dollars.
Richardson:Are you sure?
Dwight:No, no sorry, it was more than that.  I paid four hundred plus.
Richardson:Whose money was it?
Richardson:Did anyone help you to pay for the delivery.
Richardson:Dwight did you ship the T.V. in your name.
Dwight:No, I didn`t.
Richardson:Who did you ship the T.V.`s to?
Dwight:My neighbour.
Richardson:What`s your neighbour`s name?
Richardson:What`s Jimmy`s last name?
Richardson:Dwight, why didn`t you place your own name and address on the documents.
Dwight:Rudy, I don`t want to say too much now until I see my lawyer because I see you guys are writing down everything I say.  My lawyer will answer that question.
Richardson:Dwight, I told you this morning to contact a lawyer.  I thought you had contacted one.
Dwight:I tried to contact Julian Hall.
Richardson:Did you get in touch with him.
Dwight:I tried but I couldn`t get him.
Richardson:Did you leave a message for him to contact you.
Richardson:I suggest that you go now and contact your lawyer again.
1156Dwight leaves interview room to contact his lawyer via telephone.
1200 Dwight returns.
Richardson:            Dwight, did you contact your lawyer?
Richardson:What was the problem?
Dwight:No answer.
Richardson:Did you leave a message.
Richardson:Dwight, do you want to contact another lawyer.  Here is the telephone directory.  If you wish to contact another lawyer you are free to do so.
Dwight:I don`t want any other lawyer.  I only want Julian Hall.
Richardson:Dwight you have been detained for a long time now and it`s about time you get in touch with a lawyer.
Dwight:I told you Rudy I only want Julian Hall.
Richardson:Dwight the investigation has to go on and we just can`t continue to wait around for your lawyer.  We are going to take you to your grandmother`s and your girlfriend`s house.  We need to search these houses in relation to this enquiry.
Dwight:You guys don`t have to do this.  You guys are wicked.  If it was John Swan you guys won`t search his house, you won`t worry with it.  I don`t want you guys to search my grandmother`s house.  She is old and has heart problems and I don`t want you to upset her and my girlfriend is not involved so her house shouldn`t be searched either.  It`s just me alone involved.
1220DC Greene leaves interview room.  Conversation terminates.

Consultation with DS McLean.
DS McLean calls Narco office to arrange transportation for prisoner Harvey.  Both men to be conveyed to SOCO for photographic session with exhibits.
1245From H.P.S. myself, DC Richardson and prisoner Hatherley.
1250Arrive SOCO.  Seated in vehicle awaiting the arrival of prisoner Harvey.
1251Prisoner Harvey arrives.

Both men enter SOCO.  Seated by DS Cassidy.  DC Providence photographs exhibits.  DS Cassidy assist.
Present DC Swift - notes.  DS McLean, DC Bourne, SC Simmons, DC Richardson.
1330Completion of photographic sessions.  Hatherley conveyed to area o/s Narcotics Office, remains seated in vehicle.  Fed - sandwich and juice.  All await other personnel for search at Hatherley`s grandmother`s house.

1400Arrive at Dudley Hill, Paget residence of Mrs Williams, Hatherley`s grandmother.  Mrs Williams reads S/Warrant presented to her by DC Swift.
Present, DC Bourne search, Swift - notes.  SC Virgil, WDC Vickers, DC Richardson, DS McLean.

1427S/Warrant executed and completed.  All to yard o/s residence awaiting the return of other Officers engage in a search of Kemah Belboda`s residence.
1430Hatherley`s sister Kim Hatherley and her two children attend nearside of police vehicle.  Hatherley seated in rear nearside of vehicle.
Conversation between Hatherley and sister.
Sister:Dwight, what about the loan.
Dwight:The payment has to be made by the 6th of each month.
Sister:Where do you make the payment?
Dwight:Ask for loans or consumer loans.
Sister:Why did you do this to us?
Dwight:Look after everybody for me.  Don`t worry about me.  Can we leave here Rudy?
1452Leave for St Paul`s churchyard.  DS McLean and DC Bourne in K.9 vehicle.  DC Richardson, myself and Hatherley in police vehicle.  Stopped at St Paul`s Church parking lot awaiting the arrival of other Officers from search.
Dwight:What you guys did was wrong.  You should not have gone to my grandmother`s house.  I ain`t got anything else to say to you guys.  Why don`t you arrest John Swan and Bush and your Inspector.  Everybody knows they are involved in drugs.
Richardson:If you have information you should pass it on to us.
Dwight:You know, you know they are involved but you guys are wicked interferring with my grandmother.  They don`t know nothing about this.  I told you guys nobody else involved in this.  They are my T.V.`s.  I don`t care what you guys do with me cause you`re wicked.  You guys don`t care about anybody.  I don`t know about any drugs.  If you guys say I had drugs you got to prove it.  You got Jason and Kemah, the`re not involved but you are just wicked.  I told you I am the only one involved in this.
Greene:If you are involved, why don`t you tell us about your involvement.
Dwight:I ain`t telling you guys nothing until I speak to my lawyer.
Greene:Didn`t you phone your lawyer yesterday?
Dwight:Yeah, I called but I ain`t seen him yet.
Greene:Do you want to speak to anyone else.
Dwight:No, Julian Hall, that`s it.
Greene:Let`s take you to the station you can call him again.
1515H.P.S. Jail area.  Hatherley used phone to call Julian Hall.  Speaks on phone.
Hatherley:I was in custody since yesterday morning and asked to speak to my lawyer but was refused until yesterday afternoon.  I didn`t make a statement but they kept asking me little things and writing down everything I say. 
Hatherley detained in cells.
1610Hatherley Dwight - from HPS to Princess Street, Pembroke, residence of girlfriend Lisa Tucker.
1619Arrive at Lisa Tucker`s residence.  Swift notes.  Bourne search.
1653Search completed.
Hatherley to hotel - myself and Richardson
1657Hatherley placed in cells.
Returned to office.  Briefing.                R Greene
1700 Off duty.                                     31/3/90

Sunday 1st April, 1990
Briefing.  DI Jackson.
1140I/c DC Richardson attend H.P.S.
1145Int. room i/c Richardson and Hatherley.
Hatherley:I don`t want to say anything to you guys.  I want to talk to the Sergeant.  I have information but it don`t make sense talking to you because you have to report to your Sergeant.  I might as well speak to your Sergeant.
1147Hatherley to cell.
Myself contact DS McLean.  DS McLean via telephone.

1205DS McLean attends H.P.S.
Hatherley to goal area.
Hatherley: I want to speak to you.
DS McLean:I don`t want to speak to you one one one.  I want these Officers present.
Hatherley:I want to speak to you alone.
DS McLean:Jailer make a note that he wants to speak to me alone. (PC Roberts).
1320Hatherley returns to goal area.
K9Detained in cell by PC Roberts.
Returned to office - briefing.
1620I/c DS McLean and Swift to HPS re Hatherley.
1623Jail area, HPS.
1633Hatherley from cell to goal area.  Request to speak to DS 2 alone.  DS McLean and Hatherley to Int. Room.  Swift documents conversation which takes place in goal area.
1640Hatherley returns to jail.  Detained in cells by jailer.
1647Returned office.
1730Off duty.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    R Greene





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