24.03 W Wellman



FRIDAY 23RD MARCH, 1990                         NARCOTICS
        7.02 PM                                HAMILTON   
BORN. 11.29.62.             
Wallace, I wish to ask you some questions surrounding the circumstances of your arrest yesterday.  I must advise you that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so, and that whatever you do say may be taken down in writing and given in evidence.  Do you understand.
Yeah.  I understand that.
Where do you work as a salesman.
Are you involved in the MCM business on Front Street with your brothers Everette and Barry.
When you say you are a salesman, what exactly do you do.
I am a salesman in the store itself.
Have you worked in the shop this week.
What days would that be.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
What are your working hours.
Flexible I guess.
What time did you finish work yesterday.
Sometime after five.
Did you close up the shop.
Was Everette working yesterday.
Did he leave with you.
No comment.
When you left work yesterday, where did you go.
I gave two gentleman a lift home.  Everette didn`t leave with me.
Who were they.
I don`t wish to say who there are.
Where did you take them.
One to Ord Road and then one to Cedar Hill.
How were you travelling.
In a car.
Whose car.
My brothers car.
What sort of car is it.
What colour is it.
Do you know the number.
Where did you go from Cedar Hill.
To Khyber Pass.
To do what.
To my brother`s son`s house to pick him up.
Do you mean his son or Everette.
Where did you go from there.
Up to Seymour Farm Estate.
Do you mean the apartment where you were arrested.
Whose apartment is that.
Originally Barry rented the apartment, but my cousin Anthony Brangman is staying there now.
Why did you go to this apartment.
My brother told me to take him up there.
Did he say why.
When we searched the red BMW yesterday Wallace, we found a half smoked, home made cigarette.  Do you know anything about that.
Did you leave it in the car.
No.  I don`t smoke.
Do you know anyone who could have left it in the car.
All I can say is that, there`s some guys who clean the car and they hold it for me for a couple of hours and I don`t know if they lock the car or not.
Was that yesterday you had to car cleaned.
Yes.  The interior.
What time was that between.
I can`t remember the time.
What time did Everette leave work yesterday.
When I left he happened to walk down the alley, cause I went to movies and I gave Everette keys to my neighbour in the other store.
Is this when you left work at 5 pm you say you saw Everette.
No No.
When then.
This was at about quarter to two because the movie started at 2.15 pm.  I left the shop at five after two.  Thats when I saw him.
So you left Everette at the shop.
No.  When I was ready to leave at 2 that`s when I saw Everette walking down the alleyway.  I then locked the shop up and went movies.
What time did you get back to the shop.
Four o`clock.
And what did you do there from four o`clock onwards.
Stayed there until it was time to leave.
Did you speak to Everette when you were in the shop from 4 onwards.
I just called him and told him I was on my way to get him.
Did you say anything else to him.
Not that I can remember.
How did you know Everette was at Khyber Pass, Warwick.
Before I left to go to movies and he left to go down the alley thats when he told me he was going up his sons house.
When you got to Seymour Farm Road, what did you do.
Got out of the car.
Then what.
I went to the door.
What did you do next.
I waited for Everette to open up the door.
How did he open the door.
With his hand.  He came through the window.
Which window.
The window by the bed.
Did Everette say why you were going to the apartment whilst you were driving up there.
I think he said he had to meet somebody up there in a truck.  I con`t remember his exact words.
What happened after Everette opened the door.
I walked in.
Was Anthony home.
What did you do then.
Nothing, just stayed there and waited.
Who put the cover on the car.
We both did.
If you weren`t staying at the apartment for any length of time, why cover the car.
I have no comment.
So after you waited in the apartment what happened.
A truck pulled up.
Then what happened.
The gentleman got out of the truck and unloaded four boxes and said one of the boxes was open because a fork lift must have broken it.
Where did he leave the boxes.
In the house.
Did he say why he was leaving them there.
Did you ask him.
Did Everette ask him why he was leaving the boxes there.
How did he put them in the room.
We helped him.
Were they all neatly placed on the floor. 
What happened then.
Then he left.
Did he say whether or not he would be back.
I think he said he was coming back.
And he never told you why he left the boxes in the apartment.
Did he say why he would be coming back.
Can you think why he might want to come back.
What did you two do then.
You arrived, meaning the Police.
Did you do anything in the time between the truck driver leaving and the Police arriving.
The box that was open, the TV had fell out, then I noticed that the TV had been opened, then the Police arrived and I came to the door and you said I was under arrest.
Did you wonder why this guy would just leave these boxes in the apartment.
No I did not.
Did you believe it was something Everette had arranged.
I can`t answer that.
Do you know the person who dropped these boxes off.
I`ve seen him before.
Have you ever spoken with him before.
Driving by I may toot or something like that.
Did you check inside any of the TV`s.
Did the driver leave anything else in the apartment.
I believe it was three Genisis video games.
Did he leave any papers.
Yeah.  I believe he left some sort of paper work.
Did you ask him what the paperwork was for.
No I didn`t ask him.
Did Everette.
I don`t remember him asking him.
Why would you and Everette help this man unload these boxes and put them in the apartment if you didn`t know what it was for.
He arrived there saying that`s where they have to come to.
Who did he say this too.
To both of us, I guess to both of us.
Do you think this is the person Everette was referring to when he said he had to meet someone.
He was in a truck.
It is my information that the televisions that were delivered to the apartment contained controlled drugs.  Do you know anything about this.
In the apartment there was a shopping bag with some plastic trash bags, pliers, and screwdrivers in it.  Do you know anything about this bag.
No.  I saw it there.
Did you or Everette take it to the apartment.
Did you or Everette buy these items on the way to the apartment.
I dropped him off.  He went to the shop.  I can`t say what he bought.
Where was that.
To the Market Place Heron Bay and Lightbournes.
A hardware store at the top of Waterlot Hill.
And he came back with a bag.
And you didn`t see what was inside it.
Did you see him take it in the apartment.
There was no brown bag of shopping in the car when we searched it.
I remember you searched it.  I told you he got in the window.
Do you think it was the same shopping bag.
I guess so.  Yeah.
Did Everette say why he wanted to stop at these shops.
Between 4 pm and 5 pm when you were in the shop.  Were you working by yourself.
Did you have any customers.
A few customers came in and browsed around but they didn`t buy anything.
Did you make any telephone calls between this time.
I told you already, I had to call Everette to tell him I was on my way.
Did you make any other calls.
Did you receive any calls between this time.
I think I received one.
From whom.
It was a gentleman that called
About what.
He was looking for Everette.
What did you tell him.
He`s not here.  He`s left for the day.
Thats all.
Did he ask how to contact Everette.
Did he leave a message for Everette.
Is there anything else you want to say.
I guess I`ve said enough.  I`ve answered all the questions to the best of my ability.
The guy who called the shop asking for Everette.  Did he say who he was.
Is this a true record of our conversation.
Have you answered these questions of your own free will.
Do you care to correct alter or add anything to this record.
Just the one question.
(READ QUESTION MARKED `A`) Did he leave with you.
What is your answer now.
Do you care to sign this record.
What did Everette do.
Shown each page of Everette Wellman`s statement at his request.  Do you now want to sign this record.
The same thing.
            DS31           Severin
The above questions and answers were recorded at Hamilton Police Station between 7.02 pm and 9.15 pm Friday 23rd March, 1990.  Present DC Severin.  Wellman declined to sign record and after requesting to see Everette Wellman`s statement, and being shown it, he elected to mark the end of each line and the end of each page.




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