24.03 W Ming



Over 21                         
Assistant Manager
Berkley Road  
Lightbourne Bros
24th                March             90
Wendell Ming
  Sean Field   
            I am the above stated person.  I am employed at Lightbourne Brothers Hardware store, Middle Road, Southampton.  I am the assistant manager.  I have been working here for about five years.
            The two black handled Philips screwdrivers and the two red handled normal screwdrivers that were shown to me I can identify as from my store.  The cutting pliers that were shown to me I can also identify as from my store.  They are all from the Guard Company.  As far as I know Lightbourne Brothers are the only hardware store that sells that brand.  The screwdrivers are from the same company as well as the pliers.
            Between 5.15 and 5.30 in the afternoon on Thursday, the 22nd of March 1990, I was working the store by myself.  Around that time a guy I know as Everette Wellman came into the store.  He asked me if we had any screwdrivers and I picked them up and gave them to him.  He said he wanted four.  He already had the pliers in his hand.  The pliers cost $8 and screwdrivers cost $2 each.  The total cost was $18.00, with the 10% discount for cash sales.  The total came to $16.20.  Everette paid in cash.  I think he gave me two five dollar bills and the rest in two dollar bills.  When I asked what type of screwdrivers he wanted he said he just wanted them for his car.  After he paid he left.
            I have known Everette Wellman for about twenty years.  I recognised him when he came into the store.
                                                                                    Wendell Ming

            The above statement recorded by the undersigned between 1300 hrs and 1320 hrs on Saturday 24th March 1990 at Lightbourne Brothers Hardware Store Middle Road Southampton.
                                                                                    Sean Field





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