23.03 E Wellman



FRIDAY 23RD MARCH, 1990                         NARCOTICS

         3.30 PM                                HAMILTON    




BORN. 16.12.60.


Everette, I want to ask you some questions regarding your arrest yesterday.  Before I do, I must advise you that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so and that whatever you do say may be taken down in writing and given in evidence.  Do you understand.


Everette do you understand that you have been arrested in connection with a shipment of drugs.

I didn`t know that.

But I told you yesterday why you were being arrested.  Do you recall that.

I was shocked yesterday.

Let me tell you again Everette, you have been arrested in connection with a shipment of drugs that were imported into Bermuda.

Do you understand that now.

How can I be connected.

I am just trying to tell you why you were arrested.  Do you understand now.

I understand what you said.

Yesterday you were arrested at a residence at No 7 Seymour Farm Road.  Do you agree.

No answer.

There was also a second person arrested at this residence.  Do you know him.

Who are you referring to.

I believe he is also a Wellman.  Do you know him.

I don`t know, he was there I guess.

Do you live at No 7 Seymour Farm Road.

No Sir.

Do you know who does.

Yes I know.

And who is that person.

Well my brother he is in charge of the apartment and my cousin lives there.

Who is your cousin.

Anthony Brangman.

And which brother do you mean.


Do you have access to the apartment we found you in yesterday.

No Sir.

Does Wally your brother have access to it.

No Sir.

How did you get to No 7 Seymour Farm Road yesterday.

Wally picked me up from my sons house.

how did he pick you up.

In my car.

And what sort of car is that.

A red BMW.

What is the number of the car.


Where is your sons house.

Bulk Head Drive, Warwick.

What time did he pick you up.

About 5.30 pm or 20 to 6.

Had you worked during the day.

Yes, I knocked off 3.30 pm or quarter to four.

Where did you work.

At my shop MCM at 95 Front Street.

And what do you do at the shop.

I own the business and work the cash register.

Who else works there.

Wally and Barry.

Wally and Barry being your brothers.


What do they do.

We rotate, we work two a day, and I`m the one does the travelling and the buying for the shop.

Who else worked at the shop yesterday.

Just Wally and I.

And when you left, did you leave Wally at the shop by himself.

No, I was on lunch break and I closed the shop up.

What time was this.

I left at a quarter to four and caught a taxi to my sons house.

And where was Wally when you closed the shop.

He left at about 2 pm to go to the movies.

What is the telephone number of the shop.


And whose residence is it where your son was.

His mothers house.

Who is that.

Miss Kathy Bean.

Was she at home.

Yes sir.

What`s the telephone number at Miss Bean`s house.


How did Wally know to pick you up at this address.

I left a note by the cash register on the counter for him to call me there before he left town.

So you knew he would be coming back to the shop.

Yeah yeah.

Who has keys to the shop.

Wally, Barry, and I, that`s all.

Where does Wally live.

Wally lives with me in Somerset.  He lives upstairs with my mother and sister and I live downstairs.

When you left Bulkhead Drive with Wally where were you both headed.


Is that your home in Somerset.


Can you tell me why you stopped off at Barry`s place on Seymour Farm Road.

Norman had called my shop and gave Wally a message for me to call him in reference to some asphalt.  So I asked Wally whats his number, did he leave a number and Wally said yes.  Wally gave me the number.

What did you do.

The no. was either 51920 or 52019 and one of them I didn`t get no answer so I said to Wally what did this guy keep calling me for now.  So I called the number and I managed to get hold of him and he replied to me that I got a little bit of Public Works stuff in reference to asphalt.  So I told him I was waiting for my brother to pick me up and he asked me where he should drop off the asphalt and I asked him does he know where Yice Wilson stays at Seymour Farm and he says yes.  Norman was carting asphalt for Public Works and I saw him, that`s when he came in the shop that was Tuesday or Wednesday.  Last week he came to the shop asking to borrow money.  I told him I can`t lend anybody money.

So what happened then.

Wally and I was waiting there.  We got there before him.  I knocked on the door to see if my cousin was home, `heads` Anthony Brangman and there was no reply because I was going to tell Anthony to look out for him and show him where to put it.  The bathroom window was open but it was so small so I went around the side and climbed in the side window because I wanted to make a telephone call.  When I went to use the telephone Wally said it sounds like a trucks coming now, cause Wally was stood outside waiting for me to open the door.



So what happened next.

In turn Wally and I took the car cover out of my car and we put the car cover on my car to prevent the dust getting on the upholstery because he was going to dump the asphalt.  So when Wally and I had done that he drove right up to the door.

Who is he.

Norman, the truck driver.

Then what.

I was telling him to go forward because he was coming back too far.  So he jumped out of the truck and says I want you to do me
a favour, so I said what`s that.  So he replied to me I have to come right back would I hold this merchandise and I told him I don`t live here and he replied it`s only for five minutes, and I`m going to dump some trash and I`d be right back with the asphalt.  At one point as he was lifting the TV`s inside the house one fell out of the box.  I replied, what are you sweating for and he said I`m in a hurry.  I`ll be right back.  Wally replied that the things open, it looked like somethings in there, so I replied, Wally it looks like a set up, lets go.  As we were going the Police came and said we were under arrest.  That`s all I know.

Did Norman go inside the apartment.

Yeah, he took the TV`s inside.

Yesterday we seized some customs papers from the apartment which relate to the TV`s.  How did they get inside the apartment.

He put them on the table there.

Did you handle these papers.

No sir.

So you did not touch these papers.

No I didn`t sir.

How do you know Norman.

I`ve known him a long time from my half brother.  They used to work together.  At one point I hired him to move my show casing from my other store in Somerset to an old place by Village Inn. 

In the apartment there were some plastic bags and pliers and screwdrivers which were purchased recently.  Did you or Wally take these things to the apartment.

I can`t recall no.

If you had bought them yesterday, presumably you would be able to remember.

I should be able to yeah.

Yesterday when we searched the house we found various documents bearing your name.  Why would they be in the apartment.

There wasn`t nothing with my name on it down there.  I haven`t been down there since October.



What time did Wally call you regarding Norman`s message.

It was about twenty to five.

Do you know if he was at the shop when he called you.

Oh yeah, Wally was at the shop because I had to call back to Wally at the shop.

Would I be correct in saying you have just returned to the Island from the United States.

Yes sir, on a business trip.

Where did you go.

I went to New York and Boston.

Where did you stay in Boston.

Brighton something.  I`m not too familiar with Boston.

Where did you stay in New York.

I didn`t stay anywhere in New York, I alway stay in my cousins place on 122nd Street.

Who is your cousin.

Angie Hubbard.

What is the exact address, do you know.

It`s just on 122nd between 1st and 2nd.  It`s apartment 6B.  Sometimes I stay at the Edison.

Did you stay at the Edison on this trip.

I pretty sure I did.

How many nights.

Just one night.

Do you know of a place called the New Market Video Shop in Bermuda.

No.  I have never heard of that place.

Did you purchase anything in New York.

Yeah, I bought goods for MCM.  I bought $2000 and $3000 worth of good and brought back about $800 with me.

Did you purchase any televisions or video games in New York.

No no no no no no.  None of those things.

Did you make arrangements for any other person to purchase televisions or videos.

No sir.  Nothing like that.



Everette, have you had any other dealings with Norman, apart from him moving your things from your shop.

No Sir.

Do you know anyone by the name of Stowe.

I don`t know no guy called Stowe.

A Tommy Stowe.

No I don`t know this person sir.

Do you know Norman`s surname.

He`s a Wellman but he`s not related to me.

Do you know his girlfriend Karen Gilbert.

No sir.

So you would not have ever called her.

No sir.

Not even to locate Norman.

No never ever sir.

Her number is the same as Norman`s apart from the last number.  She has a cellular telephone.

I don`t know nothing about that there, I`ve never called her.

It is my information that the televisions delivered to No 7 Seymour Farm Road contained controlled drugs.

I didn`t know that sir.

Has Norman ever been to your house at Somerset.

He`s dropped me off once.

Is there anything else you want to say about this matter.

No sir, I`ve said enough.  I told you the truth, the whole truth.  It`s easier for me to tell the truth than to lie.


Is that a true record of our conversation.

Yes sir.

Have you answered these questions of your own free will.


Do you care to correct, alter, or add anything to this record.

Just the ones I said.

(Read question marked `A`.)  And what do you do at the shop.

I`m really the sales manager.  Its a family thing but Barry really owns the place.

(Read question marked `B`)  Then what.

When Wally had asked Norman why this things open he said a forklift had put a hole in it.

(Read question marked `C`)  Has Norman ever been to your house at Somerset.

What I mean`t to say was, he dropped me back at home after we had transported the stuff from the shop to the Village Inn.

Everette.  I just want to cover one more area.  When we searched your car we found a half smoked hand made cigarette.  Do you know anything about that.

Wally drives the car all day and it was around tyre and retreading all day.  If I was driving the car I would say it was mine.


Do you want to correct alter or add anything now.

When I say, I would say it was mine I mean if I was driving the car I would know who could have put it there.

Do you wish to correct, alter, or add anything now.


Do you care to sign this record.

No I don`t want to sign that thing sir.


       DS31            A Severin

The above questions and answers were recorded at Hamilton Police Station between 3.30 pm and 6.15 pm Friday 23rd March, 1990.  Present throughout DC Severin.  Wellman declined to sign record, however he drew line at the end of each page at the end of the last question.





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