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Norman.  I wish to ask you some question about the circumstances surrounding your arrest.  You are not obliged to answer any of my question unless you wish to do so but if you do the questions I ask and the answers you give (if any) will be taken down in writing and given in evidence.  Do you understand?
Yes Sir.  N Wellman    Sean Field   A Virgil
What is your full name?
What is your date of birth
September twenty-fifth nineteen fifty on
Where do you live?
Pembroke Park - West Park Lane.
With whom do you live?
My girlfriend
Who is she?
Karen Gilbert.
What is your employment
Self-employed truck been in it for eleven twelve years
How much money do you earn weekly on average.
Eleven twenty five a week.  I get paid thirty dollars an hour.
How long have you know Everette Wellman?
I met him down on the truck stand on Front Street last December.  He`s not my friend well lets put it this way I don`t associate with him.
How many jobs have you done for Everette Wellman?
This is the second and last.  Two dock jobs.
Am I correct in saying that the first "dock job" you did for Everette Wellman took place sometime in December of 1989?
Yes anytime between November or December.
What did that job entitle?
I went down to the dock picked up the packages and dropped them off Somerset.  Picked up my money and I was gone.
In your statement you say that you went straight from the docks to Somerset following Everette Wellman.  It is my information that you went home first and transfered the parcels you picked up to your brothers van and then went to Somerset.  Do you have any comment?
Thats right.  The first time I went home with the parcels and put them into my brothers van.  I then went back down to the docks and met Everette who then lead me up to Somerset.
Norman, why did you in your statement and when I ask you just now tell me that you had gone straight to Somerset when you went home first?
I didn`t think you knew about that. 
Is there any thing else you have left out in your statement?
Look I am going to tell the whole truth now.  The first time I went down to the docks for Everette I had an idea that something was coming in but I didn`t know what.  I picked the parcels up.  I took them home I put them into the van.  I followed Everette up to Somerset.  We went up behind Loyalty Inn to a white house.  It is a new house.  There was a grey car in the yard that I recognised as the one Shirelene Brangmans drives.  Everette was there, his brother (the same guy that was with him tonight) and another guy a tall guy - I believe he said he was a bartender.  He could have been Shirelene`s husband.  Everette paid me sixty dollars.  He then asked me if I smoked herb I told him no but that my girlfriend did.  Everette said come check him later on in the evening and he`d hook me up with an ounce.  I said well what about a pound.  He said that he was short and that someone had
robbed him but he would see what he could do.  So he told me where he stayed on Cooks Hill.  I left.  A couple of days later I went to his house.  He`s got a couple of dogs not pitbulls - dobermans.  I knocked on his door and he said who is it I said me he said O.K lover I`ll get it.  He went around to the side of the house and came back with a small plastic bag of herb.
I then said I thought it would be a pound.  He then said that things had gone different and that Televisions had gone missing.  I then said you`re not bringing drugs in the TVs are you cause I didn`t want to be picking that shit up.  Everette then said NO NO Lover boy don`t worry.  I then took the ounce, if it was an ounce home.  My girlfriend Karen smoked some of it over the holidays.  This guy I know as Stuart his nickname is "GHOST" came round my house and he smoked some too.  Then in my upstairs living room.  Stuart packaged up the weed into brown paper twists which he was going sell for fifty dollars.  He packaged it in front of me.  He sold them for fifty dollars.  He would keep ten dollars and I got the forty dollars left.  Stuart said the stuff was good and he could sell it quick.  He was gone for less then hour it weren`t that long he came back and gave me about seven hundred dollars.
What did you do with the seven hundred dollars.
I paid for the insurance for my truck.  There was a few other guys who came and smoked around my house.  I gave Keith Robinson, a couple of joints
Who is Keith Robinson?
He is a truck driver.
What did you do after you finished selling and using your ounce of Cannibis?
I just went back to working normally.
Did you attempt to get more drugs from Everette Wellman?
When was the next time you had dealings with Everette Wellman?
He gave me a couple of phones calls last week saying that he had some more T.V.`s to pick up.  I asked him why he didn`t use Rafur Trucking to deliver them.  He said he wanted me.  So he told me to pick up the paperwork.  The paperwork hadn`t arrived.  Everette then called me on Tuesday this week sometime around
eleven and again around one or two.  He told me that Tommy had delivered the paperwork to Rafur Trucking down the airport.  He wanted me to phone down to Rafur and to make sure that Tommy had dropped the paperwork off.  On Tuesday around four thirty, quarter to five in the afternoon I picked the paperwork up.  The guy at Rafur told me that it was cleared and ready to be picked up at the docks.  I went home and later on that night Everette called me up bugging me about picking the T.V.s.  So later on that night I went up South Shore and met up with Everette.  I told me that I hadn`t pick up the paperwork and that I do it on Wednesday.  On Wednesday I borrowed my ace boy`s truck and around eight fifteen eight thirty in morning I went down down to the docks to pick up the T.V.s.  The guy at gate at number seven said it weren`t ready.  I went onto the dock and another guy in charge of the dock told me it wouldn`t be unloaded to late Thursday or Friday morning and check back then.  He asked me where the video store was in Somerset.  I said this is the second time I picked it up and as far as I`m concerned the store was on Main Road Somerset.  So I went back to work.  Everette called me at around eleven asking why I hadn`t got back to him.  I said that stuff weren`t ready but when it was ready I would met him at the place he told me about last week.  He told me of a place in Southampton.  Today around two I went down to the docks I picked up the T.V.s and the games and took them.  Later on I opened one of the T.V.s cause I had an idea that something was in side and I figured it to be drugs.  I just cracked it and thats when you guys came.  What I intended to do was open it right up and see what was inside.  If there were a pound in there I would have snatched it up cause there`s a few guys I know who could have sold it for me.  Get a few dollars and pay up my bills.  But that did not happen cause you guys got me.  I relise now that what I have done is wrong.  I`m sorry that I lied to you earlier.  I have told the truth and I have helped you as much as I can.
Norman, why did you lie to Everette on Tuesday when you had the paperwork for the televisions and told him you didn`t?
I tell you this part here I tell you the truth too.  I figured I had a chance to pick it up and without Everette knowing contact his cousin or something like that, Antoine Brangman he`s got long
dirty hair the style called dreadlocks.  He stays up Somerset near a shoe shop.  Antoine, I asked Antoine did he figure there was shit in the T.V.`s.  He told me that when he was in with Everette about nine years ago.  Everette must have messed around with Antoine cause they hate each other like cat and dog.  Antoine told me that Everette brought the stuff in T.V.s so I jumped the gun and this time round I told Antoine about the T.V.`s Antoine said to pick the T.V.`s up and take it home and steal all of the shit and tell Everette that the dock people must have opened it up.  I was going to rip off Everette cause he has messed around alot of people.  I was going to give the shit to Antoine and let him take it.  Thats truth.
Norman before I finish this record is there anything else you would like to say.
No.  I`ve helped as much as I can.  If you think you need my help just call me.
Do you wish to read over this record?
No thats O.K.  I`m safe.
Record read over to Wellman by S/C Virgil.
Now that Special constable Virgil has read over the record to you is there anything you wish to correct, alter or add?
As far is this stuff concerned its all right.
Is this a true record of the questions I asked and the answers you gave?
Yes.  You caught back there lying and I straightened up and told the truth.  If there is anymore question you want to ask fire away.  Please do so now and I`ll freshen up my memory.
Did you answer the questions of your own free will?
Yes mate.
Do you wish to sign each page of the record and initial the corrections.
Yes  N Wellman
Record complete.
                                  A Virgil  Sean Field
            The above record was recorded between 1933 hours and 2300 hours Thursday, 22nd March 1990 at the Hamilton Police Station Interview room.  Present were S/C Virgil, Norman Wellman and the undersigned.

                                 Sean Field 386 




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