22.03 N Wellman


22.03 questions

22ND MARCH                                      CID/NARCOTICS
        1933 HOURS                             HAMILTON INTERVIEW
NORMAN, I am Detective Constable Sean Field and this is Special Constable Virgil.  I was present when you were arrested earlier today.  I am reminding you that you are still under caution.  That is to say that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so but that whatever you say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence.  Do you understand?
Yes I do    N Wellman       Sean Field     A Virgil
Do you wish to contact a lawyer.
I don`t need a lawyer.  I am telling the truth of what went down.
Do you wish to make a statement about the circumstances of arrest?  It will be taken down in writing.
Yes I say it now.
Do you wish to write your statement.
You write down what I tell you.
I N Wellman wish to make a statement.  I want someone to write down what I say.  I have been told that I need not say anything unless I wish to do so but that whatever I say will be taken down in writing and given in evidence.
N Wellman       Seal Field     A Virgil
I went on the dock say around two.  Got the paper work cleared to pick up the parcels I put them on my truck.  There were seven boxes.  The guy cleared them and I gave the paper work to the girl at the gate.  Then I went home and parked the truck in my yard where I always park it.  I then went down the hill jumped into the van and went picked up my daughter.  Came back home.  I went up to my truck took one T.V. up a big one.  I put it in the place.  I slacken two screws to see if I could see anything in the T.V.  Then you guys came that`s it.  I got seven hundred dollars from Everette Wellman to pay Rafur trucking for the duty.  The duty was seven hundred and forty something like that you`ll see on the paper.  I was to pick up the parcels and take them home and wait for the call from Everette.  He was going to tell me where to drop them off.  Last year around November or December before Christmas Everette saw me down Front Street on the truck stand.  He asked me to pick up some parcels from the dock.  He would see me straight for sixty dollars.  So the same day, I went to number eight and picked up a few T.V.s and Ninetdo games - just like the ones I got today.  I went straight from the docks in town straight to Somerset Everette was in front of me, riding a bike.  I followed him cause I didn `t know where to go.  I went to a white house behind Loyalty Inn up Somerset.  I dropped off the boxes and Everette gave me my sixty dollars.  I then left.  I then heard from Everette on Tuesday this week he called me.  He told to pick up the paper work from Rafur trucking for some parcels down on the dock.  So I said I would do it and leave it at sixty dollars.  So today I went and did it.  Thats it.
Statement read over to N Wellman.
I have had the above statement read to me I have been told that I kan correct alter or add anything I wish the statement is true I have made it of my own free will  N Wellman  Seal Field  A Virgil
Kentucky Fried Chicken given to Wellman.




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