22.03 K Gilbert



22ND MARCH 1990                         C.I.D./NARCOTICS
        1650 HRS                               HAMILTON     
Karen, I am Detective Constable Sean Field this is Special Constable Virgil and this is Woman Police Officer Ricca.  I was present when you were arrested earlier today at your residence.  You were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to import a controlled drug.  You were cautioned.  That is to say you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so but that whatever you say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence.  Do you understand?
Yeah    Karen Gilbert   Sean Field   S.C. A Virgil   Y Ricca 390
Do you wish to contact your lawyer?
Do you wish to make a statement about the circumstances surrounding your arrest?  It will be taken down in writing
Do you wish to write your statement
I thought you were going to write it.
I can say it and you can write it.
I Karen Gilbert wish to make a statement.  I want someone to write down what I say.  I have been told that I need not say anything unless I wish to do so and that whatever I say will be taken down in writing and may given in evidence.  Karen Gilbert
            What I know about the stuff is that it belongs to Evertte Wellman.  He phoned Norman asked him to pick up "T.V.s" and Genisis games.  Norman picked up "T.V.s" and Genisis games before for Everett early about the first of the year.  Thats the first time he`s done it for him.  The guy, Everette gave Norman about an ounce of herb I smoked most of it and a guy sold the rest of it for Norman so that he could get his truck licenced and insured.  That was about the first of January.  Then he phoned Norman about two weeks ago and told him to pick up some more "T.V.s" and Genisis games.  Norman said that if he picks it up he`s going to take one T.V and open it up to see whats inside there.  When he done that you guys came.
Record read over to Karen Gilbert.
I have had the above statement read over to me.  I have been told that I can correct alter or add anything I wish, this statement is true I have made it of my own free will.  Karen Gilbert
            Karen I wish to put some questions to you about the circumstances surrounding your arrest.  You are not obliged to answer any of my question unless you wish to do so, but if you do the questions I ask and the answers you give (if any) will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence.  Do you understand this?
Yes.  Karen Gilbert    Sean Field    A Virgil     Y Ricca 390
What is your full name?
Karen Cassandra GILBERT
What is your date of birth?
Third of June sixty-one.
Where do you live?
Five Pembroke Park Lane, Pembroke
With whom do you live?
My common law husband or boyfriend, my daughter`s daddy and my daughter.
Who is your boyfriend?
NORMAN STUART WELLMAN, no relation to Everette Wellman.
How long have you known Norman?
Around thirteen years.
How old is your daughter
She`s two she`ll be three in June.
Whats her name
****** ******** WELLMAN.
Are you employed?
Self-employed.  I run the lunch wagon down National Sports Club.
What does Norman do for employment?
He is a self employed truck driver.
How much money do you make weekly
seven hundred dollars.
How much is the rent where you stay.
The house is owned by Norman.
How do you know Everette WELLMAN
I don`t know him personally but I know of him.
How does Everette know Norman?
From his half brother Antoine Brangman
In your statement you say that Everette phoned Norman and asked him to pick some T.V.`s and games up.  When did he phone?
Well it went like this.  We have a cellular telephone my number 2347-558 and Normans the same but the "8" is a "9".  About two weeks ago, I answered the phone and spoke to a man who was asking for Norman.  I told him to try the same number but with nine he said he had but had not got a hold of Norman.  I asked if I could take a message.  He said tell him Everette called.
When did Norman go get the first load of "T.V`s" and video games.
It had to before the New Year.  He picked it up on the Thursday before the New Year.  I think the 28th
Did Norman know what he was picking up?
Yes.  He knew there was something in there but he didn`t know what it could have been guns.  He just gave Norman an ounce for picking it up.
Who gave Norman the ounce?
I weren`t there but Norman said Everette.  I saw the ounce and I smoked it.
When you say an ounce of herb do you mean an ounce of the controlled drug cannabis?
When Everette phoned the second time and asked Norman to pick up some more T.V`s and games did he know what he was dealing with?
I think he did.  He said I don`t think I should go pick it up I said do what you want to do.  So he said he would go cause Everette kept calling him up and asking him to.  So Norman said he would go and pick them up and open one of the T.V.`s and take a pound of herb out and sell it.  Get out debt real quick that way.  Then Norman weren`t going to do no more after that.
Did Everette Wellman ever come to your house?
How was the first set of T.V`s and games delivered
In Norman`s brothers van.
Do you know what was in the first set of T.V.`s and video games?
I didn`t but after a while Norman said the Everette said it was about five kilos of cocaine and around three or four pounds of herb.  Norman said Everette shouldn`t have told him that cause he
was going to look into the second shipment.  Everette has been doing this for about ten years.  He`s got a B.M.W a private dock and a big cabin cruiser
Karen am I correct in saying that when Norman went to pick up the T.V`s and video games today he knew full well that they contained drugs.
Earlier you said that Norman delivered the first set of televisions and video games in his brothers truck.  What is Normans brothers name?
Did he go with Norman when the delivery was made?
No he wasn`t on the island.  He doesn`t know anything.  Norman was just looking after the van.
Did Norman open any of the T.V`s or video games from the first delivery.
No he just took it straight to Everette
Where did Norman make the delivery?
Somewhere up Somerset.  Some house I think he said somewhere up willowbank.  The first delivery went to Shirlene Brangman`s house.  She`s married now thats not her last name.  I don`t know her married name.  The delivery went to her husband at her home.  Everette called Norman on Tuesday and told him that he had to show Norman where to deliver this time Norman didn`t tell me where it was.
Did you know if Norman was going to be paid for delivering the second set of televisions and video games?
I think Norman was going to take a pound from the T.V. and tell Everette that he wasn`t going to do it any more.
Where did Norman pick up the television`s from?
From the docks number eight.
Karen, a large quantity of controlled drugs namely Cannabis and Cocaine was seized from the rear of the televisions that Norman picked up today.  Do you know how the drugs got there.
No, but I think that Everette his brothers or his ace boys did it.
Karen before I close this interview is there anything you wish to tell us about this incident?
I wish it never happened.
Do you wish over the record.
No you can read it to me.
Record read over to Gilbert.
Gilbert to washroom with WPC Ricca.
Gilbert back with WPC Ricca.
Record read over to Gilbert.
Record read completely read over
Now that I have read over to you do you wish to add alter or correct anything?
Nah I don`t think so.
Is this a true record of the questions I asked and the answers you gave.
Yes it is.
Did you make it of your own free will?
Do you wish to sign each page of the record and initial the corrections
Yes.  Karen Gilbert   Sean Field   A Virgil   Y Ricca 390
Record completed.
            The above record was recorded by the undersigned between 1650 hours and 1832 hours, Thursday, 22nd March 1990 at the Hamilton Police Station Interview room S/C Virgil WPC 390 Ricca and Karen Gilbert were present.
                                                                                                Sean Field




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