2001 Letter to COP



a letter sent to the latest Commissioner of Police for the island.  A letter which has been ignored:

Private & Confidential

Mr J Smith
Commissioner of Police
Bermuda police Headquarters
POB 530        
Hamilton HMCX

Without Prejudice

Monday, 4th June 2001

Dear Jonathan,

I sincerely trust this finds you well.  I have no grievance with you personally; I still harbour fond memories of the ‘Smith’ investigation from 1988 (I have a long, accurate memory).

I have no doubt you will be aware of my web sites, accessed via www.bermuda.org.uk, www.bermudapolice.com. www.policebermuda.com

My purpose in writing is not easy to compress into a single page and I would rather not make this longer; I do not wish to waste your time or mine.  I believe my grievance is justified.  I will not trouble you with the arguments, suffice it to say I shall continue to progress my plight and am currently seeking a patron or sponsor.  I am also being encouraged from unexpected sources.  I continue to receive much information amongst which is a file which, although dated, makes interesting reading.  I enclose an extract for your information and in corroboration; the file will be posted to the net once my enquiries are concluded.

This having been said, I believe there is a mutually beneficial means by which to settle this matter.  I would like to progress a discussion or negotiation reasonably.  I would like you to re-open the investigation concerning my constructive dismissal.  I am mindful a thorough enquiry requires the deployment of resources, will support my allegations, and further undermine the Constabulary all of which could have far reaching consequences.  I also suspect that no matter how much you desired it, the enquiry would not be kept secret.

I am therefore providing an alternative resolution; I will sell you the above domains.  You will acquire the ability to post your own site that will overwrite mine.  There are many benefits to the police service and Bermuda. For example, you will be able to provide your officers e-mail addresses.  I envisage Bermuda’s purchase of the domains having no down side for you, other than a straightforward financial cost, to Bermuda; you acquire a useful facility, dispose of my activity and may even gain some kudos by terminating the site.  I will not seek any statement of apology etc.

I was treated badly by the service and whilst I remain angry, I am reasonable.  I lost much, returning to the UK unable to rejoin a police service for fear of an adverse report from Bermuda.  My reference read ‘satisfactory’ and I do not believe you will ever understand the effect of this insult. 

The domain ‘bermuda.com’ was advertised at $7,000,000.  I will be far more realistic; I am looking for a reasonable offer from Bermuda, an intermediary, or another.  Payment could also be made to a third party.  Should I hear no further from you in four weeks I will assume you do not wish to purse an amicable settlement.  As a sign of good faith, this letter will not be posted to the Internet until the expiry of 4 weeks.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely.

Philip Swift




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