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Leadership Struggle

Smith chosen to replace Lemay

JONATHAN Smith will take over as Bermuda’s new Commissioner of Police in April. At 41, he is thought to be the service’s youngest ever chief. The father of three joined the service in 1979 and said he was honoured to accept the appointment.

George Jackson, 48, a father of six, will be the island’s new Deputy Commissioner.

Other senior appointments will be announced in the new year

Reacting to the announcement, Mr. Smith said: “The position of Commissioner of Police holds with it a tremendous responsibility and a certain level of accountability.”  But he said: “It’s the 500 members of the Bermuda Police Service that contribute to our success, the sworn officers and those that give very vital civilian support.

“I recognize that while the Commissioner holds a leadership position, we should be aiming for an organization that produces 500 leaders.”
Mr. Smith was reluctant to talk about his priorities for the service adding it is important to remember that until April Mr. Lemay is still the boss.

Mr. Smith said he has always been drawn to public life saying it seems to be in the family. “A great uncle served in the House of Assembly many years ago and I had a grandfather who served in the military. I think certain things are set out for you. I think you can develop a certain inclination towards public service.”

Ms. Cox referred to the new appointees as “two of Bermuda’s finest” adding she was greatly encouraged by their commitment to the concept of shared leadership.

Superintendents Gertrude Barker and Vic Richmond, who were also up for the top spots, will now be invited to apply for the post of Assistant Commissioner.




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