16th March 2002


Vinette Graham-Allen

16th March 2002 - Bermuda Royal Gazette

Julian Hall has his day in court

Cabinet Ministers joined the family of lawyer and former Member of Parliament Julian Hall in a packed public gallery of Magistrates’ court yesterday as he was officially charged with stealing more than half a million dollars from a former client.

Hall, who returned to the Island from his home in Canada earlier this week, told the prosecution to “bring it on” after being charged with stealing $551,044.17 from Betty McMahon between November, 1995 and February, 1996, while he had power of attorney for her estate.

There to witness the 35-minute hearing was Works and Engineering Minister Alex Scott, Minister of Youth and Sport Randy Horton, numerous lawyers, and Hall’s sister, Director of Tourism Judith Hall-Bean.

Although Hall told the court he would be defending himself, Government Senator and lawyer Michael Scott sat beside the accused, jotting down notes as he spoke.  Hall, who told the court he had had a “chronic illness for about four years”, said he had been suffering flu symptoms this week and his arrest had exacerbated his medical condition.  As a result, he had spent the last two days in King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

He told the court yesterday that he was glad a charge had finally been brought against him.  He said: “I hope the die has been cast and I can move towards clearing my name, finally.”  He said he was happy to be back in Bermuda.

Acting Senior Magistrate Carlisle Greaves agreed to grant Hall bail, on condition that he hand over all travel documents until at least the conclusion of a preliminary inquiry.  Mr. Greaves said he was eager to see the inquiry held as soon as possible, with no “unreasonable” delays.  He said under no circumstances should Hall leave or attempt to leave the Island.  The Magistrate also requested that Hall report to Hamilton Police station between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. three times a week, reside at an address which was to be given to the court, and inform Police of any changes in address, prior to them taking place.  Hall had bail set at $100,000, with two like-sum sureties. He was ordered to appear before the court again on April 5.
Mr. Greaves said bail conditions would be considered again, after the preliminary inquiry was complete.

Before leaving the court, Hall said: “As they say, bring it on.”  Prosecutor in the case is Vinette Graham-Allen.

Before the hearing began yesterday morning, Hall asked The Royal Gazette to no longer describe him as a “troubled lawyer” as is in recent articles. He said he was not troubled, but “just fine”. “Don’t use that adjective,” he said.




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