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You failed again, Julian
Former Attorney General, Philip Perinchief

I was wondering at what point Ewart's chief spin artist, sycophant, toad and surrogate Julian Hall would slither out from under the mossy depths of some dank dark hole to spew his venom, vitriol and snide characterisations of people who have shown more loyalty and mettle than he could ever understand or exercise; people who have helped him through some of the challenges, many self-inflicted, in his life.

He's correct. His braying, baying and general efforts to "prop Ewart up", are as always with Julian, self-serving.

Ewart is Julian's only hope of surviving the perpetual messes he gets himself into with monotonous regularity. Both Ewart and Julian are their own worst enemies, complete narcissists, loyal to no one including themselves and believing they are a law unto themselves and everyone else is stupid.

Julian's chief reasons for proffering this diatribe are to distract and intimidate the unwary and attempt to define, and therefore control his and Ewart's detractors. News for you Julian you failed again.

Julian is correct on one thing, however. I am on record I stand by to this day, saying that Ewart does not have the welfare of Bermuda or Bermudians at heart and continues to insult the intelligence and competence of even his Ministers and Bermudians at large.

Whenever there is a photo opportunity or a Kodak moment, he instantly prances out in front of his ministers thus diminishing their stature and enhancing his own.

Monday night was another case in point when in essence he doesn't understand the fundamentals of Bermuda's economy nor how to redirect it to serve the people who are most deserving of such change.

He does not have a vision for this country and has taken the PLP far, far away from its core values, principles and political direction and for that alone, he should go. He has lost his way.

He is transformational, however, for all the wrong reasons. On another note, Julian, I leave it to others to assess my performance in my post as Attorney General.

I've been told by many more qualified than you will ever be that I did an outstanding job despite carrying the portfolio of Minister of Health simultaneously for almost half of my term in office. Of course there was room for improvement. There always is.

However, for the record Julian, I don't believe in sulking like a little boy. I am too busily engaged in my legal practice to have time to sulk. Besides, as wonderful as it was, I am not defined nor validated by the holding of the post of AG. I was and am a competent and respected lawyer long before that event.

However, unfortunately for you Julian, you have been on the unlucky receiving end of some of that performance and still smart from the consequences, it seems. Have you assessed your performance or lack thereof in any post over the last 15 years, Julian? Probably not. You too have been weighed, measured and found wanting.

And respecting your interpretation, and interpolation of the PLP's Constitution and its workings in respect of the Annual General Delegates Conference, you're dead wrong.

The Annual General Conference is the supreme authority of the PLP Julian, and may suspend its own constitution or provisions thereof. It would otherwise be an absurdity, an inflexibility, a nonsense and repugnant to the intent and/or spirit of the constitution if it allowed its operations to be "hog-tied" by procedural shenanigans and subterfuges.

How foolish it would be, Julian, if the PLP found one month after it elected someone as Party Leader and he or she turned out to be a complete tyrant or person who brought the Government and/or PLP into disrepute that we could not rid ourselves of that person before a four-year period had elapsed by resorting to the supreme authority of an Annual General Conference or Special Delegates Conference specifically for that purpose? Even you, with your limited understanding of constitutional matters, should know better than that, Julian.

In closing, Julian, let me say this. This issue of the proper leadership of the PLP and our great country is bigger than you, me or Ewart Brown will ever be. In the fullness of time it is the people at large who will decide who will lead this country.

In the meantime I suggest you work very hard at not maligning many of those whom you have named in your article who answered at 3 in the morning, your frantic and desperate calls for assistance.

You should also work at where your true political allegiances and loyalties lie. Is it PLP, UBP or just plain Julian again?

Grow up Julian; we need serious, consistent men and women to run this country. At the moment, you tragically fall short of that mark. Good luck at the conference.




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