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Suspects on

Of all the disciplinary offences where I was asked to represent police officers, this was (to my mind) the most straightforward.  Having read the 'evidence' once, I could not understand why this matter was being presented to a discipline board.

The person making the complaint was police sergeant Carlton 'Socky' Adams, at that time stationed to Somerset Police station, the West of the Island.

My belief that this matter would be simple to defend was supported when sergeant Adams attempted to intimidate me into withdrawing from the case.   Sergeant Adams also stated that he had evidence which could get the officer 'off'.   This was an incredible admission from the very officer who had caused the investigation to proceed.

The account of this conversation is dealt with in my 'pre-narco' pages, under December 1997 (see: 2nd December 1997).

The alleged offence involved two officers, a Bermudan and an Englishman.  The Bermudan had already entered a plea of 'guilty', he had admitted to the offence, a fact which weighed heavily in the prosecutions favour.  However, based on the evidence, there appeared no logic to his admission, unless he had been 'got at' (I suspect someone applied pressure to him to 'put his hands up'; capitulate and accept that he was guilty).

With hindsight, it was easy to realise that the confrontation by sergeant Adams was simply an expression of fear on his part.  He had caused a complaint to be raised against two officers, a complaint which he could not substantiate.  One officer had already admitted the offence and if I would step aside it was possible the other would do like-wise.

Unfortunately for sergeant Adams, I had survived 7 years in an English constabulary where (whilst not tolerating indiscretion by our colleagues) we provide support to those with whom we work, be they an officer, a Special constables, a civilian member of staff or an Officer.  'The Job' is difficult enough without having to watch your back when you step inside a station.

The complaint in this instance was based on a system in place at Somerset police station where, of a night duty (midnight to 8am), an officer (or pair of officers) were tasked with checking properties.  A list of properties to be attended twice during the evening was provided and the officer(s) were to physically visit each one and ensure they were secure.  The property list, a single sheet of paper bearing the addresses was to be marked with the time each property was checked.

I had not worked the Somerset (Western end of the island) division but the process appeared straightforward enough.  However, monotony, boredom, complacency (call it what you will) could set it, officers would (allegedly) not check the premises, rather they would attend to other matters or simply find a place to doze in the quieter hours.  The property check list would be completed without reference to the property, a fictitious visiting time marked against each property on the list.

The English officer is officer6, the Bermudan officer8.

In this instance the complaint, initiated by sergeant Adams and investigated by sergeant Alan Cleave read as follows:




In accordance with regulation 3 of the Police (Discipline) Orders, 1975, I hereby inform you that I am investigating a complaint / allegation against you of:


That is to say, whilst on Night Duty on Saturday 22nd / Sunday 23rd August 1987, you did neglect your duty in that you did fail to discover an insecure property on your patrol area, namely the premises known as 'The Railway Station' Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset.

Contrary to Section 4(a) FSI A/2

You are not obliged to say anything at this stage, but whether you do so or not, you are required, within 24 hours, to inform me in writing whether you admit of deny the report / complaint / allegation and you may make a statement in writing in reply.

Received by ......(signed officer6)

Date Friday 28th August 1987

Copy of the above served upon Police Constable officer6 by me at 4pm Friday 28th August 1987

Signed     A.R. Cleave P/S 31

The case commenced on the 24th February 1988 when it was adjourned, part heard, to 22nd March 1988 and concluded on March 23rd.  For details of the proceedings please see : Proceedings 24.02.88





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